Monday, March 17, 2008

Our weekend

Below is our weekend but not in order I typed it up as the pictures loaded. I didn't have the pictures in order before I started uploading. It does show a lot of what we have been up to.

We went to an open house at Loch's Maple this weekend. We learned about making syrup. We got to eat some waffles on a stick.

Below is the kind of crafting I want to take up!
He spinning(biking) to power a saw. I think it is a wonderful way to craft and exercise at the same time!

We saw some fiber (yarn making ) animals. I think alpacas are very cute animals.Travis did a craft. He made his sister a felt ball necklace.
We saw soap making, yarn spinners, and more. My FAVORITE part is the fiber mill!! This building is full of machines that process animal hair and turn it into yarn. The lady in the front, wearing pink, on the left, is weighing me out some merino roving. That white fluffy stuff is for mine! My wonderful hubby bought it for me.
If you are ever in NE PA you should take a trip to Loch's. They are very nice! If you visit in March stop up when they have the open house.

Other excitement from this weekend......

Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Travis!!!!

This CAN'T be true! My boy can't be 8 ears old!!! I know Rob made a mistake when he did the writing on that ice-cream cake! I know I just gave birth to him yesterday. OK maybe last week. NOT 8 YEARS AGO!!!

I guess he does look a lot older than I think he does. I am very proud of him. He is very kind, giving, thoughtful and he does such a wonderful job on his school work. I can't imagine having a nicer son! I feel so blessed to have him for my son. I just wish he didn't have to grow up so fast!

Rob was keeping a HUGE secret for his birthday this year. Rob has been hunting all over PA and NY for a Wii. Rob found out that a Target down in the city was getting a shipment of them in on Travis' birthday. Rob told Travis he wanted to get up very early on his birthday and take him to get a special breakfast sandwich. He said it would be a special "man" thing for them to do together. Travis thought that would be fun so they got up at 5:00 am and went out to get an early breakfast. Travis had no idea the trip was to get in line before the store opened on a cold rainy morning to buy a Wii. Travis was so surprised. Travis is the kind of child who doesn't ask us to buy him things so I don't thing getting a Wii is something he would have ever thought to ask for.

We didn't have a kid party this year. I think every other year we have had friends, games, decorations, prizes and last year even costumes. I added up the cost of pizzas, chips, fruit, drinks, supplies for games, candy, prizes, favors, costumes (cheap handmade ones), crafts, decorations and other normal party supplies even if I make everything myself and keep it small (under 10 children) the cost goes over $200. So all we did was take the party money and use it to buy the big gift. I feel bad that Travis couldn't play games on it with his friends for his birthday but I know we could not afford to do both a kids party and a large gift. I know you all know my hubby loves playing video games so Travis wasn't left playing alone on his birthday. I think it was nice that Travis got to spend the day with Daddy and just play games together. Rob was away all week so they had time to catch up on things.

Below is a picture of chocolate/pizza faced Demi helping him open some gifts.
We ate a small homemade pizza, had some ice-cream cake, we enjoyed a nice visit with Nana and Pop, and spent lots of time playing games on the wii.

OOPS! I don't want to leave Zee out of this weekend! Baby Zee wants to crawl.

She tries and tries. She gets her rump up and looks like she is going to go....

Then she gives up and tries to fly! She lifts her arms and legs, yells, gets real mad, and doesn't move ahead at all. It's so CUTE!

I think I forgot Demi. Here is a picture of Demi all happy. Daddy is reading her a book.

She loves story time with Daddy.

I now see I am missing pictures of Travis and Rob wearing the matching shirts Rob's parents gave Travis for his birthday. Travis was so happy being able to dress like his dad. I found them! Here is a picture of the boys.

That sums up our weekend. I am now off to read some friends blogs and see what everyone else is up to.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am sorry that I haven't checked in in the last couple days. Rob was away all week so I was very busy holding down the fort. I want to let everyone know that my plans are to keep chipping away at all the email piled up in my inbox from when I was away from the computer. I will try my best to respond to blog comments on this blog and I will be trying to catch up on reading friends blogs over the next week. I fell so far behind on everything I am having a hard time knowing how to catch up. Please understand that I am not ignoring anyone I am just way behind!

Rob was out of state training all week. He hasn't been away from home this long in the last 6 years. We missed him. I am adding a ton of pictures to this for our family. I feel bad that my children are growing up so fast and I haven't been sharing pictures like I should. All of the pictures are from today. Travis made Demi a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. Travis put a ton of peanut butter on it and Demi opened it up and ate it from the center. I took some pictures of it. Then after lunch Demi took a nap. She doesn't take naps often. Today she napped all day. She slept for many hours. Travis and Zee spent over an hour laughing and playing on the floor. Rob came home and he brought gifts for the children. Demi got a doll house. She LOVES it. She has been playing with her brother's playmobile pirates, army men, starwars guys, and other boyish action figures. I think it is wonderful she plays with them but I am very happy she now has a "big girl" doll set.

I will get back on track but it will take me a little bit. I hope to get a lot of computer time to catch up a lot this weekend.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Who needs a big hill?

When you have a daddy who is willing to go outside in his jammies to run with you on a sled you don't need a big hill for sledding fun.

Rob ran with Travis on the sled and would let go sending Travis zooming down the yard. Rob showed Travis how to run with the sled on his own then dive on the sled sending himself zooming down the yard so Travis could have lots of sledding fun when Daddy was at work.
This picture was taken a few weeks ago. We are sad that all our snow has melted away.

Silly Zee

She was giving her sisters dolly kisses but I did't get it with the camera.

Rob put a diaper on her head. Sorry, I don't have any other pictures of her in this computer. I promise to take some new ones later today.

Ice hunting

This is from a couple weeks ago. We went to a local ice fest. We like hunting for the ice sculptures all around town. This year I think they had something like 55 ice sculptures.

This is a picture of Travis checking off some he found. We give the children a list of the sculptures and a map. They use the maps to give us directions to find each sculpture.

Demi giving the ice a kiss.