Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Do you wonder if I am still alive? I am sorry I vanished again. I have an excuse (a poor one but one non the less). I decided to sew all my girls fall/winter clothing (except for winter coats). I was in a hurry to do this because I knew my hubby would go shopping for expensive clothes if the weather got cold and the girls didn't have enough clothes to wear (he loves to shop). Because of that I put my computer time and my friendship projects (little things I sometimes make for friends) all on hold and focused on making enough PJ's, sweaters, ponchos, mittens, slippers, jeans, shirts, dresses, dress pants, leggings, hats,skirts, hair accessories, cloth diapers, some play costumes, play clothes, doll furniture, doll clothes, and some other things that I can't think of right now. I know I went a bit overboard. I stopped sewing when my one machine started acting up (had to send it to the shop). At that time I noticed that I had made enough clothes that each of my girls can go about a month without wearing the same thing twice. I didn't plan to make that many clothes I guess I was having so much fun designing outfits (I drafted all the patterns myself) and sewing them up I never took the time to think about the large amount of stuff I made. I have to admit I am addicted to crafting (sewing is craft of choice right now) but I am going to try to keep myself under control and get back to blogging. Everyone PLEASE forgive me! Once my machine is done being serviced I will be able to finish up my last couple friendship projects and then I might need to put my sewing machines in the closet until Jan. (to keep my sewing addiction under control)

My children are fantastic! School is going WONDERFUL! This is our best year so far. My children are all learning and having lots of fun doing it. We seem to be on track in all subjects. The baby is no longer a baby and she is now so much fun! (OK, she is fun when she is not cutting teeth).

I am going to try to blog twice a week and share some of the fun things we are doing. I promise to blog again in the next few days. I will be back soon!