Monday, July 30, 2007

Mini Golf

First I want to say I am sorry I haven't been blogging. I have had a headache and a hard time sleeping for the last week. I will catch up on my children's 100 favorite things list in the next few days if I am feeling better. I think I will try to post them all in the next few weeks if I feel up to it. I am starting to think my wonderful pregnancy is starting to not feel so wonderful. I have less than 2 months to go so I guess I should start feeling uncomfortable! LOL!

Daddy took T. out to mini golf yesterday. Here are a few of the pictures he took.
I will try to catch up with blogging soon as I am feeling myself again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#91 Fun thing to do in summer.

#91 is firefly catching. T's pick for fun today is staying up way past his bedtime and hunting fireflies in the yard with Dad.

Picture of him poking holes in the top of jar so the fireflies get lots of fresh air.

Needed lots of air holes. lol
Checking out his fireflies.
Setting them free so he can catch them again another night.

#92 fun thing to do in the summer

Number 92 on things we like to do in the summer is stay up past bedtime and splash in little pool with Daddy. Past D's bedtime, in regular clothes (not swimsuits), with Daddy in the little pool to splash and stomp around with her is a happy time for D. I think you all can see by the look on her face it is a LOT of fun! One on one time with Daddy late at night doing things you aren't allowed to do all the time is very fun.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

I will get caught up on my children's 100 favorite things to do in our yard in the summer in the next few days. Daddy was off work so we haven't been home much. We went to the zoo the other day. It was a fun family day out. Here are a few pictures of the trip.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

#93 fun thing to do in the summer.

#93 Little splash pool!

We have been using this a LOT. Our weather has been in the 90's for 2 days. We hardly ever get temps that high at my house. We are having fun all keeping cool in the little pool.

The kids are not wet yet in the pictures. I snapped them all just before they started splashing and pretending to swim. They both started to splash each other and they started talking about getting Mommy wet when I took the last picture. I decided that I should put the camera away before it got wet.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

#94 Fun thing to do in the summer.

#94 is fireworks in our yard on the 4TH of July. I think this one is my husband's favorite. He has been doing this for the last 5 years.

The rain stopped and we got to have our fireworks. D. decided that uncle Mike is nice now. She has cried every time she has seen him even when she was a baby. Last night she discovered he is nice and he is fun to play ball with.

She is tossing the football at him.

BTW we have a very large yard to have fireworks in. We don't to any fireworks that you shoot in the air we only do the fountains on the ground. We watched them from a safe distance!

D. got tired of watching the fireworks and decided to play with the stuff she does during the daytime. She spent a lot of time in her sandbox, sensory table, swing, and writing on her chalkboard on the porch.

It looks like T. is thinking about something.... I wonder what it was.

Silly boy!
I hope everyone had a nice 4Th of July.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain rain go away,

Come again another day.
My family wants to have our fireworks today.
Rain, rain, go away!

Sparklers, smoke bombs, mini tanks, and such for the little ones and all the rest for the "big kid". My hubby LOVES celebrating the 4Th of July (I bet you could see that from the stuff in the picture! If the rain doesn't stop my hubby will be so sad. I am OK with waiting until Friday night to have our fireworks. The weather will be nice Friday night but 2 more nights is a long time for my hubby to wait. I have a feeling if it keeps raining we will be watching them from our porch with the rain falling and my hubby will be in our driveway getting wet trying to get them all to light. LOL! I will let you all know how it turns out tomorrow.

Pictures I am not quick enough to get.

My children do lots of things that I am not quick enough to get pictures of. The thing I have been trying to get with my camera for the last few months is the game hide and seek. Sounds easy enough to get on camera or even video. The days they do it over and over inside the house should be very easy but it isn't. I am never quick enough to get a picture or video of it. This is how the game goes.... T. says D. your turn to find me count to 10. D. says Otay... free, two, one... I am coming. I see you you brother! Your turn! LOL!

#95 Fun things to do in the summer.

#95.... FIREWORKS!!!!

I am trying to list all normal things we do in our yard for the list of 100 things but this one is such a biggie for us I have to add it to our list! We LOVE going to see fireworks!

Here we are in the parking lot eating pizza waiting for it to get dark. Our one car has a table in the back (it goes over the spare tire) very handy for times like this! We eat pizza in the parking lot every year for fireworks. We even made some friends. For the last few years the same people have parked in the spot next to us.
I let the children get glow sticks every year because I feel they are safer in the parking lot with glow necklaces on than without them. Just in case one of the children ran out of our parking space we are in, a car driving by would be able to see them better. That has never happened but I feel safer with them. They also keep the children busy while they wait for the fireworks to start. This is T. wearing 3 glow bands one around his head and 2 on his arms.

D. gave us a hard time when it got late. She didn't like the long wait for the fireworks and she got cranky in the middle of them. At the end she decided she loved them and yelled for more after they ended. LOL! She can be very fussy at times. We did enjoy them!