Thursday, January 01, 2009


HAPPY 2009

Has anyone seen little Zee?

I hope I can remember all this fun when I am cleaning it up in the morning!

I promise to blog more in 2009! It is 1 hour into the new year and I have already blogged!

BTW. Party hats we made from Christmas clothing boxes. We stapled the boxes into cones and decorated with wrapping paper from Christmas. Confetti was wrapping paper and tissue paper (also all from Christmas) cut up in the paper shredder (took the easy way out this year). Kazoos made from cut up wrapping paper cores, wax paper, and rubber bands. Noise makers made from plastic containers rice and a bit of our confetti paper. Cost was $0.

Zee didn't make it until midnight. She was fast asleep at 11 pm (just like last year). Travis and Demi had no problem staying up. They have been up every year to celebrate the new year with us. I better go get some sleep. It looks like I have LOTS of vacuuming to do in the morning! My house looks a bit like the streets of NYC right now! We have confetti ALL OVER!