Saturday, June 30, 2007

today's pictures

T in the tunnel with a pillow and blanket watching TV. It is hard to find a small quiet place in our house.

T. left his pillow on the living room floor and D. decided to try it out. She fell asleep on the floor.

Hmmm..... She doesn't take a nap most days. Maybe I should ask T. to bring his pillow into the living room every day? I love to see little ones sleep!

Her nap didn't last long but I did enjoy the quiet time I got when she was asleep. Look at her messy hair! She pulled her pony out before she fell asleep. I love being a mom!

Friday, June 29, 2007

#96 Fun things to do in the summer.

#97 fun thing to do is make your own HOT FUDGE SUNDAE! YUM!

This is D's.This is T.'s.

Another balloon fight

This took place right after the squirt gun fight and I know I already have balloon fights listed as one of things my family finds fun to do. I wanted to post this because D. figured out how to get the water balloons to break. It took her a bit to figure it out. LOL! When Daddy got home yesterday she came running out to him saying "waher boon bite Daddy PEESE!" (water balloon fight Daddy Please) LOL! We asked her to wait for the squirt gun fight to finish but she didn't listen. She went up on the porch and started getting them herself.

She was so excited!

She is showing me her balloon.

Daddy broke a balloon near her feet and it splashed in her face. That is why she has this silly face!

She wasn't happy getting splashed several times in a row.

What a big girl!This balloon was VERY LARGE and she picked it up all on her own.

This is a video of a tiny bit of the balloon fight. It was in the driveway because D. learned on her own that little rocks in the driveway make the balloons pop. I was happy she noticed that on her own.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

#97 fun thing to do in the summer.

Squirt gun fights with Daddy!

Silly boys!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

#98 fun thing to do in the summer.

# 98 is Slip and slide!

Make your own slipnslide!!!

We bought one a 2 lane Spiderman slip and slide for the children to have fun with several weeks ago. After a few hours of play it broke. I remember the same thing happening when I was a kid. As children my sister and I thought that store bough was better so we always asked for the store bought ones. My father bought us a few of the "store bought" slipnslides and they always broke after a hour or so of play. My father didn't say that is what happens and left us crying in the yard like some parents would have done! My father would see us all sad over a broke slip and slide and he would go into the garage and bring out a big roll of black plastic (the kind you use in a garden I think) and pull out the sprinkler hose from the veggie garden and all the children in our neighborhood could go right back to having fun with the longest slip and slide in town (yes I have wonderful creative parents). I still think homemade slip and slides work a lot better than the store bough ones! This one is a 50 foot long garden sprinkler hose and a roll of clear plastic. It is 6 ml plastic (I think) 10 feet wide and 25 feet long. Much wider and longer than the store bought slip and slides. I have the hose running down the middle only so both my children can see they both have a lane (to keep them from fighting). Running it along the side of the plastic works just as well. Thanks Dad for the wonderful idea! I hope my children someday think of Rob and I as wonderful creative parents if they ever do it will be thanks to my own Mom and Dad.

I put a short video clip with this so anyone who who wants to "see" if a make your own slip and slide works could see it. Some of the pictures look very dark. A storm was on its way so the sun kept going behind the dark clouds it looks a bit like night time in some of them.

This is the video of T. sliding on it.

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by several people about a month ago. It was so long ago I don't even remember who all tagged me! Sorry everyone! I will try to keep up with things better from now on.


1. I live in PA and have all my life.

2. I LOVED public school and I use to think homeschooling was strange.

3. I was a very selfish snobby person before I became a Mom.

4. When I was younger I was the person who would have jumped of the bridge if all my friends did. I would tell my parents.... Yes I will jump what good would living be if I didn't have my friends around me and I was serious when I said it.

5. I now dream of leaving PA someday. I would love to travel with my hubby and children. I would like to go live in Africa or someplace without all the "things" we in the states feel we can't live without. I know I don't NEED all the things I have but it is hard to give them up when everyone you know has them.

6. I don't like the things I see in public schools nowadays so i think homeschooling is the best thing to do. I am OK with the thought that others must think I am strange for doing this.

7. I try to be a very giving person now. I am not attached to things anymore and I hardly ever think of myself. If you liked something I have and said you wanted it I would give it to you even if it was something I needed. I wouldn't ever miss it I now find happiness in giving not taking. The older I get the more I feel I should be doing for others. I guess I am finally maturing (getting old).

8. I might still jump off that bridge but only if I was trying to save the person who jumped before me. I don't follow a crowd anymore. I guess I am finally OK with being myself and not like everyone else. I hope I am slowly becoming a better person as I get older. I still have a lot of growing up to do.

I feel bad because I have nobody to tag! It looks like everyone who I know with a blog already has been tagged! I will try to keep up with my blogging.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

#99 fun thing to to in the summer

#99 on our fun thing to do in the summer list is.....WATER BALLOON FIGHT!

This is T.'s pick for fun thing to do today. I know everyone knows about water balloons but if you haven't had a good water balloon fight in many years let me show you how fun they still are. They are very good for motor skills. My son has to run fast to catch them and they are very slippery (very hard to keep hold of). They are also heavier than a regular balls (great for weak arms) AND it is LOTS of fun!!

This is Daddy and T. at the beginning (everyone is dry).

Look at this face!!! You all know everyone makes a face like this when you catch the balloon and have that fear of it busting and getting you all wet! LOL!
This is a face of a person knowing it is going to bust on him!
The joy you feel when you get someone else wet!
D. gets to play also!
She got herself all wet! LOL!
After tons of pictures I finally got a few of the balloons breaking. Look at the water splash all over T.
This is another good shot of T. getting all wet.Look he is dripping wet now!
This big balloon he caught. He is getting a lot better at catching them. I think he would do better if he kept his eyes open.

D. with her balloon.

Daddy cheated at the end.
If you are wondering about me. I did join in after I got a few pictures of the balloons breaking. I taught T. how to get them to break to get Daddy wet. Daddy will not be as dry tomorrow when we have another water balloon fight. Daddy did get me me wet in the end. Once he saw that I didn't have the camera in my hand he let me have it with the balloons also. I think it is still just as much fun as it was when I was 7 years old! My son picked up all the broken balloons out of the yard for me. What a good boy I have!

#100 fun things to do in the summer

Everyone in my house is happy and well. We have been so busy enjoying the lazy days of summer (playing outside) I haven't had much computer time. I have been saying I was going to spend time catching up on the computer/blogging/and spring cleaning my house on all the rainy days/weeks we have each spring. The problem with that is we didn't get the rain this spring. I think it went from snow to hot sunny weather. In PA this never happens so we are making the most of it! I wonder if I didn't turn on my computer to load pictures of my daughters birthday party and saw a note from Kate wondering how my family is doing if I would have ever got motivated to sit in front of the computer before winter came back? We have a bit of a lazy days of summer routine going at my house.

I think I will go with a 100 things my family likes to do in the summer (we do the same 50-100 things over and over each day). If I post one a day it will only take me a few minutes and everyone will know all is well at my house.

This is my first one...
#100 Fun thing we like to do in the summer..... act silly and have fun! I know this is nothing new but they are the pictures I took yesterday and that was the only way I could think to describe them. T. was in the yard with his soccer ball and I didn't get pictures of him I will get some of him today. This is happy D. the doodle bug loving summer on our front porch! BTW that is chocolate cake on her face and teeth (she had a cupcake just before I picked up the camera).

Our little Doodles is one of the best at acting silly and having fun! Don't you agree? T. just told me his pick for summer fun favorite so i better go get it ready. I will take the camera out with me and share pictures tonight or tomorrow.