Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wensday & Thursday

Wensday was Rob's day off.   The kids all had cereal for breakfast.   I didn't make lunch (Rob or Travis must have done it for me) so I don't know what they ate.   Rob bought Pizza for dinner.  I was going to make ham steaks, mashed potatoes, and carrots but he really wanted pizza.  I'm wasn't happy about spending money on pizza. I felt like he was trying to ruin all my hard work!   I've been working so hard on saving every penny and he ran out to get a pizza?  Rob often buys pizza on Fridays he also buys take out food for himself at lunch several times a week.  I haven't let him spend any money on take out food so he has done much better than usual.  I have no photos. Sorry!

Thursday the kids had left over pizza, ice-cream, and cereal for dinner. I let the kids eat ice cream for dinner 2 or 3 times a summer (on very hot days).  This was my first time this year.  Rob was working and the kids were tired.  I had to feed them quick to get them to bed.  I got the "fun mom award" for giving ice cream for a meal.   I found a box with a bit of ice cream in the back of the freezer and I don't know how long we've had it so I wanted to let them eat it before it got freezer burned. 

We are running out of milk, coffee filters, and some other items.  I have things to make dinners (chicken breast, meatballs, some dark meat chicken, soup broth, ham steaks, potatoes, and such).   We've ran out of most lunch items, we're down to a loaf of bread, peanut butter, Nutella, tomato soup, mac N cheese, a tiny bit of hard salami, a bit of sandwich cheese, and a few rolls in the freezer.  The only fruit we have left is some apples and a honeydew.   We're out of yogurt.   We have a few boxes of pudding, some jello, and animal crackers for snacks.   We have just over a box of cereal and some pancake mix.   hmmm....   I wonder how far I can keep it going before I run out of all the stuff needed to make a full meal?

Monday and Tuesday

Rob bought coffee with his allowance so it didn't come out of our food budget.   What a nice guy!   We are out of most breakfast foods.  The only items we have left is one and a half boxes of cereal and  some apples.  Lunch was salad, soup, or sandwich (PB&J).  Monday and Tuesday dinner we had sloppy Joes, potato wedges, and veggies (carrots on Mon. a salad on Tues).   

The only salad veggies we have left is a small bit of dark lettuce, a few cucumbers, the grape tomatoes growing in our yard, lots of carrots and some cabbage.  I don't know if I can make anymore salads.


I've fallen behind on blogging!  We got busy.  I'm going to play catch up by posting seveal days back to back.  I did keep planning my meals.  I don't know if I remember everything but I'll try to catch up.  Sunday Rob wasn't feeling well (he's still sick) and my kids were a bit worn out.  They all missed breakfast (a no no in my house but they were all too tired to wake up).   Lunch was a pick and choose from soup, sandwiches, toast and such.  Dinner was pasta, meatballs, garlic bread, and salad (I'm almost out of salad stuff). 

Friday, August 10, 2012

One week down!

I'm at the one week mark!   I spent $150 on food one week ago.   I have lots of food still in the house.  I hope to keep out out of the store this week.  I'm worried I might not make it on coffee but I'm going to try.

Meals today were almost no food cost at all.  The girls had dance class early this morning.  Travis and I did Zumba class.   The kids didn't have much time to eat (it takes a long time to get 2 girls in dance clothes and hair pinned up).  I tossed some dry cereal in baggies and let them eat in the car on the way to dance.  After dance was my family reunion.  I didn't know what to take for a meal!   After all, when I started this food order I didn't plan for a large dish to pass!   Saturday morning I turned on my computer and saw fresh made cucumber salad in an advertisement from a local grocery store.   I thought hmmm... that looks good.  I then realized  I would need cucumbers to make it.    A few minutes later I thought about how most summers my MIL is trying to get me to take cucumbers home because he garden grows like crazy.   I must admit I've never asked anyone for food before!   I gave my MIL a call (feeling a bit uncomfortable about asking but hoping she had too many cucumbers to eat).  I said hello and then asked her what she was doing.  The first words out of her mouth were I'm going to see a friend downtown she is giving me a pile of cucumbers so if you need any cucumbers I'll have lots later today.   I was SHOCKED!  I hadn't even asked her for cucumbers yet!  I then told her I was calling to see if she had any cucumbers and dill.  She laughed and said stop over later she'd have lots of cucumbers and she has TONS of dill growing in her garden.   WHAT A BLESSING!  It was perfect!  So for lunch today we took a large dish of cucumber salad and jello cups.  We ate picking from all the choices (large family= oodles of choices for lunch). 

For snacks they had cookies and candy.  I was in charge of games at the reunion.  Here's Travis sucking candy up with a straw to move it into a cup.  Another game I had them put a cookie on forhead and try to get it down into mouth.  Game time was snack time for the family today. 

My mom sent me home with her leftover desert (my kids were thrilled).   After the reunion we went to a birthday party.  She had oodles of food (and some things you might not call food).   BBQ sandwiches,  hot dogs, popcorn, ices, and crickets.  The party had a backyard safari theme so she bought roasted sour cream and onion flavored crickets.  I personally skipped the crickets but I did eat a BBQ sandwich.

Here's a photo of my son eating a cricket. EWWW! 

At the end of the day I had more food in my house than I had yesterday!  I wasn't trying to do that but in the end thanks to my mom and my mother in law that is how it turned out (it's so nice to have parents).