Wednesday, July 04, 2007

#95 Fun things to do in the summer.

#95.... FIREWORKS!!!!

I am trying to list all normal things we do in our yard for the list of 100 things but this one is such a biggie for us I have to add it to our list! We LOVE going to see fireworks!

Here we are in the parking lot eating pizza waiting for it to get dark. Our one car has a table in the back (it goes over the spare tire) very handy for times like this! We eat pizza in the parking lot every year for fireworks. We even made some friends. For the last few years the same people have parked in the spot next to us.
I let the children get glow sticks every year because I feel they are safer in the parking lot with glow necklaces on than without them. Just in case one of the children ran out of our parking space we are in, a car driving by would be able to see them better. That has never happened but I feel safer with them. They also keep the children busy while they wait for the fireworks to start. This is T. wearing 3 glow bands one around his head and 2 on his arms.

D. gave us a hard time when it got late. She didn't like the long wait for the fireworks and she got cranky in the middle of them. At the end she decided she loved them and yelled for more after they ended. LOL! She can be very fussy at times. We did enjoy them!


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