Friday, April 17, 2009

Hello Internet!

We have lived forever with dial up. We used the try to load a page and go off to make a pot of coffee or wash dishes and hope the page loads, method of web browsing. That was very frustrating but not nearly as bad as our situation over the last few months. The long phone cord we use on my laptop got messed up and we would have to hold the cord in and not let it move at all to get online and read mail or look at any web pages. Everyone in my family quit using the computer. It was too much work to get it to work. I am happy to say that is all over now! The nice TV and Phone/Internet men came to our house this morning and upgraded us. I am now completely cordless with my laptop and my children are all watching TV. We don't usually use the computer or the TVs at lunch time but it is a bit exciting having our electronics all working. Our TV has not worked right for 13 years! We have had Direct TV and most days at some point some or all of our channels vanish. We get a searching for signal message on the screen. Most summers the leaves on the trees block our signal and keep us from getting any TV for months at a time. The Dish Network man said that we will not have that problem anymore. I hope that is true. I guess it can't get much worse that what we had.

I now have a TON of emails in my box to read this weekend. I haven't been on the computer in a very long time. I hope to get some time this weekend to read and clean out my inbox. I still have some school work to do with my children today but I hope to sneak in some computer time in my day once we finish up! I hope to be back in a few hours.

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AmySue said...

Hey girl! Sounds like you all are well! We miss "seeing" you around!