Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Plans for the future.

I want to do some special things for my girls this year. Demi is now school age and I want to make her school year as fun for her as it was for Travis when he was 5 years old. The problem is Travis and Demi are such different children. I figure the easiest way to make it fun is to start with the things she likes. She LOVES the TV show Little House on the Prairie. We DVR it every day so she doesn't miss any of it. She pretends to be Laura. She talks about her Ma and Pa all day long. This is wonderful because it does fit into some of our history reading. I plan to read all the Little House books to her this year. I am sure doing some of the things we read about in the book will be fun. I know my girls would love to have a corn husk doll and a rag doll or two. This should be a good way of making history fun in the winter.

Making mosaics, spinning yarn, sewing, hand embroidery, knitting, baking, candle making, and painting might be good school projects for Demi. She doesn't sit for hours reading the history Encyclopedia like Travis did BUT I think she will listen to me read our history encyclopedia while she crafts.

Another idea I have is to let her have a proper tea. I would like to make up some new princess costumes (or finish the one I have started for Demi) and teach her some etiquette for an afternoon tea. Our history class starts out with Late Renaissance so this will fit nice and make history more fun for her. Hmm.... I can invite some of her friends over and have new princess costumes sewn up for all of them. They could all have tea time together. Maybe after tea they all could make some crafts that go along with that time in history. We have done princess parties with friends a few times in the past. We have tea parties all the time but I never thought to invite friends over to join in. I think my girls will love it. YES, they will love it! I am adding a tea party in Oct. on my to-do list. Fingers crossed stuff like this will create a wonderful school year for Demi.

My plan right now is to do some catch up blogging in the next week to share some of the school things we have done already this year. While I am doing my catch up blogging I need to get busy sewing up some school clothes for my girls so they don't freeze this fall (the temps. drop fast in PA in Sept). After the girls have some jeans and tops with sleeves in the dresser I will whip up some princess costumes and work on teaching some etiquette to my girls so we can have our tea party before Halloween. The only problem with working out our tea party might be that our public school friends only have Saturdays free and Travis has soccer games on Saturdays. I will either need to plan the party for a Saturday that Rob is off work. I can send him to the soccer game with Travis so the girls can party at home. If I can't work that out I will need to find some homeschoolers with free time. Most homeschoolers I know are busier than pubic school kids so I might have a hard time finding any free homeschoolers. I'll am sure I will be able to work something out. If nobody is free will will have a formal tea with family (and Grandma Em).

I am signing off of blogland so I can get busy making up patterns for my girls school clothes. I will be back tomorrow to catch up with some of what we have been doing over the last month.

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