Monday, July 30, 2012

Day two (first full day).

I did amazing at the food planning today!  The kids had yogurt, cereal, and milk for breakfast.  I was rushing to get ready for church so no pictures of it (hubby and I didn't eat breakfast).  Lunch for 5 people (my son has a friend sleeping over) today's lunch looked like last nights dinner,  Pretzels, carrot sticks, pineapple, and sandwiches (PB&J, Nuttella, and pepperoni).I didn't take a photo of lunch because it looked just like last nights dinner. For dinner tonight we ate at the church!   Our church had a community corn roast!  What a blessing when you're trying to stretch out groceries!   I made no bake cookies for the corn roast.  My first batch turned out a bit gooey.  The second batch turned out better.'

Then my middle child (7 year old) dumped my box of oats all over the floor.   I think they ended up being rather expensive cookies (2 tries to get a good batch then 5 cups of oats dumped on the floor).  The oats I have been in the cupboard for several months now (nobody wants hot oatmeal in the morning when it is 90 deg. outside) so it didn't really hurt me with my food stretching.  OH I almost forgot!  My mom gave me her leftover dish from the corn roast so I came home with some of the cookies I made and 1/2 a dish of some delish berry treat my mom baked (my mom is amazing in the kitchen so I really made out today).  Snacks were cookies today and some popcorn I'm going to make now.   Hubby was at work all day so he took 3 sandwiches with him and I plan to make him tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches when he gets home.

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