Monday, August 21, 2006


I have wanted to get the children a parachute for 5 years now. We found some in Target a few weeks ago. We said we would come back and get it but forgot all about it. Yesterday I was thinking about what school stuff we still needed for the year and I remembered the parachute I wanted. I talked to DH before he came home from work and he surprised me by comming home with a parachute! Our Target was all sold out of the larger ones. At first I was sad about that but I now know that the small six foot one is PERFECT for us! We can use this with only 2 people (good for when baby lets go) it has 8 handles so 4 people can use it at the same time. My youngest is only 1 year old. If it was larger she would get hurt. The 6' one fits in the house with no problems. I don't even have to move furniture around. This will be a great help come winter. Being small I can reach across to help my children grab hold of it again. We spent the morning playing several games with it that I remember from elementary school. My DD cried when I put it away. My son said that it was a lot of fun. I think what made it so fun for him was the loud happy jumps and giggles from his little sister. We made wind, waves, a T storm, used balls as popcorn on it, hid under it, and let the baby run under it from side to side.

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