Saturday, September 01, 2007

More building

OK, I know everyone is going to get very tired of looking at what is going on in our house. T. is OBSESSED with building. That is all he talks about and works on now. The tool box seems to be working well. He asked if he could spend most of the day playing in his room today because he had some stuff he wanted to do. He built a new marble run in his room. He called me up all excited about what he made. I went up to see it and at first I wondered why he was so excited it just looked like a very tiny marble run to me. Then he showed me how it worked. He added a cup to the bottom of the run. The cup has strings on each side. The strings holding the cup run up the wall and around 2 Popsicle sticks. I never thought he would think of a way to use the pop sticks on his own. I only stuck them in the box because we have so many of them in our craft box. Once the marble falls into the cup he pulls the ends of the strings to lift the cup up. It must have taken him a few hours to figure out a way to do that all on his own. I am very impressed that he spent so much time and never yelled or asked for help. I am sure it didn't work the first time (or even the first 10 times) he tried it and I never heard him yell or fuss at all! My little boy is growing up.

Later in the day he went outside and added a little to his wood sculpture then he decided to make his Nana (my mom) a shelf. LOL! My poor Mom!! He made this all on his own and has sanded it down (in the way a 7 year old sands wood) and now he is painting it! He is so excited to give this to his Nana this week. OHHH! WAIT it gets better!!!!! He said Nana has a VERY FANCY house and he KNOWS she likes the color ORANGE! He said he is going to add spots of orange to the shelf when the white paint dries. ROTFLOL!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what it ends up looking like and the best part will be seeing the special place my Mom finds to put it in her house!!!! LOL!!! BTW I have NEVER seen ANYTHING in my Mom's house that is bright orange!! I shouldn't be laughing so hard... I know my son will be making me something in the near future. I don't think I will be laughing this hard then. I will treasure it whatever he makes me but I do have to admit the thought of why he needs to add bright orange polka dots to a shelf for his Nana has me laughing real hard!

My daughter is playing golf inside and sorting out pompoms. Right now we are playing a game. She just came over to the baby gate and said "You like blue Mama?" I turn to look at her and she tosses a blue pompom at me. LOL! At first I was going to ask her not too throw pompoms all all over the house (I am cranky) I caught myself before I spoke and I told her my favorite color is green could she go get me a green ball. She did then I asked for yellow and she tossed a yellow at me, then pink, and finally red. I don't know what other colors the pompoms are so that has to end our color game. I guess it was a good way to see if she still knew her colors.

I am not feeling well. I am very tired and I feel very sick. I think I wore myself out and just need some rest. I have 18 more days until the baby comes.

This is a very short video clip of my sons new invention. I am sure this invention will double or triple in size tomorrow. I know it might not look like a lot to some people but I was VERY impressed with this! He keeps surprising me with the things he thinks up! I wonder what he will be building after he learns all about how machines work this year?


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Wow T, I was very curious as what he was building. So is it now a shelf? That is too funny Amber. DS loves orange. When we painted his nightstand togther he was very sad that we were not painting it orange. LOLI mean really sad. VEry creative boy.

Amber said...

The large thing isn't done yet and I am not sure what that is going to be. It is about the size of a room in my I think he is going to use it to build civilizations on with army men or leggo guys. I am not sure he said it is for lots of things. When he was building it he found 3 boards that he thought would make a good shelf for my mom. The shelf is small compared to his other creation. He is building cars this week. I hope if he makes me something it is a small car not a huge sculpture! LOL!