Thursday, September 06, 2007

Qick note.

I thought I should give a little more info on why at the start of the story I had the thoughts I did on the Crimean War. The only thing I was using to tell this story was the book Story of the World and it started by saying how the Turks were Muslim and had control of Christian holy lands. When I read that it sounded to me like the war was going to start because of this fact. KWIM? I don't want anyone to think I was saying I thought Muslims are bad and I thought they started a war with Christians! I am only a substitute teacher for history class in my house. Two years ago our history covered the Christian Crusades and I was so emotional I had to have my hubby do it. I am Christian and I have a hard time reading all the horrible things Christians have done in our history books. Because of that my hubby tries to teach history I only fill in if he doesn't have the time. I do hear the lesson my hubby gives to my son most of the time and hearing about all the ugly things Christians have done to others makes me so sad. When my son asks me about why a Christian would do something to hurt someone I always have a hard time answering it. I am glad we are using the History program we are because my son is learning a lot more than I ever did. He is learning all about all religions, culture, and geography. I didn't get to learn all that in public school. I just wanted to explain why in yesterdays lesson I was surprised how the war started. I often write in a rush and expect people to know what I am trying to say as if they are inside my house or have the book I am using in front of me. I hope nobody got the wrong idea! I have an appointment today to check on the baby then T. has soccer. I will try to post some of D.'s school if we have any time to do some with her today.

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