Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Found my Monday pix!

I took the camera outside with us on Monday. We have been finishing up our school very early every day so we get hours in the afternoons to play outside. We try to make the most of fall because very soon winter will be here and we will have to spend more time inside. On this day I got to toss the football around with Travis (I am not as good at doing this as Rob but I try). I played pretend with Demi. I explored our big world with Zee. After all that I found lots of time to snap some pictures of my kids just being kids.


Every day I feel that I hear a lot of yelling over how one sister is doing the other sister wrong (both of them can get a bit nasty with the other). I sometimes think my girls don't like each other. BUT! When I take a step back and just watch my girls together when I don't hear any fighting I see a wonderful friendship growing between the two.

My silly Demi! LOL!
Zee points at and explores everything. She wants to know what everything is.

My son is such a boy!

This boy runs for hours every day. I would love to have some of his energy!

I think running is in this boy's blood.
Here is Zee full of giggles from the crunching leaves. The crunchy sound and feel from the leaves make her giggle every day. You would think by now she would expect the leaves to crunch but she never does. She giggles like it is the first time she hears them crunch each and every day.
Travis taking some time to show baby sister his football.
He was telling her all about how to play football.

My sweet baby girl!

Travis teaching Zee how to kick the football.

I think Demi must be expecting a lot of company. Can you see all the chairs in her house?

Travis went to visit Demi at her house. I don't think he could fit in the house because it is wall to wall chairs.
Playing in the leaves.

My boy really loves to run.
YUCK! She picked up this stick and got it in her mouth in the 2 seconds it took me to snap her picture. She didn't have a stick when I was focusing the camera.
Demi needed to do some work on her car.
This boy runs and runs!
And this baby falls down in the leaves a lot.

Demi decided to help rake up some leaves.About 2 minutes later she was crying it was too hard to rake the leaves.

Baby Zee decided she would give it a try.

Here you can see Demi happy that her little sister is doing the work for her. LOL!

I hope you all are enjoying the cool, crisp, beautiful days of fall!


Kate in NJ said...

Gorgeous dresses!!

reprehriestless warillever said...

The girls' dresses are amazing!

The kids look like they are enjoying the weather.