Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I lost my pictures

I can't find my pictures from yesterday (Monday). I know I put them in the computer I just don't know what folder they are in. I guess I will just post a few other pictures I have taken over the last week. When I find my pictures I will post them.

Here are a few pictures of Demi running to her Daddy and him picking her up to twirl her around. She love it when he spins her around.

Travis has been obsessed with football lately! All he talked about during his soccer season is how much he wanted to play foot ball. Even if we sent Travis to public school he wouldn't be able to play football because our local school district doesn't have a football team. A school district not to far away has a football team so Rob has been taking Travis down to the football field on the weekends to toss around the pig skin with him. He LOVES playing on a real football field with his Daddy! Rob is learning (the hard way) that he almost 40 years old! He always needs to take some Advil after playing ball with his son! I am sorry to say I don't have any pix of Travis on the football field. I have been using that time to stay home and play with the girls I will try to get pictures them on the field this weekend. I do have a couple pictures of them playing football in our yard.
Can you see that Demi is in her own little world? She doesn't notice what is going on around her. Soon after this she got hit with the football.
Daddy was quick to pick her up to comfort her. About 10 seconds later she was running around with a smile once again as if nothing ever happened.

Travis is such a good boy! He spends a lot of time every day teaching Demi new things (I don't even ask him to do this he just offers to help her with things she wants to learn). Demi loves her letter magnets but she can't spell things. She is obsessed with Sleeping Beauty (or anything princess). She sings a song from the movie all day long. Below is Travis showing her how to spell out the song she is singing.
I am not sure how much she is learning. Demi can be a bit of a wild student and she is easily distracted. LOL!

Silly girl! It is hard not to smile when she is in the room with you.
This is Demi out in our first snow. It was windy and cold but Travis and Demi still wanted to play in it. Most days they play outside for hours but it was so cold I think they could only handle 15 minutes. Travis ran so fast in the house I couldn't get a picture of him.

Zee has such a cute smile! She is so happy when she isn't cutting teeth.

My camera is not working right (takes fuzzy pix and washes people out) even so I think you will be able to see from this picture that my baby isn't much of a baby anymore. She is getting so big!

Here is Zee with one of her books. Books, blocks, baby dolls, and the show Yo Gabba Gabba are her favorite things. She sings the song Yo Gabba Gabba all the time. She must bring us 50+ books to read to her every day.

I have some fun pictures of my Demi Doodle Bug. I took them on Sun. To describe her I would say she is a FUN child! She is a dance around without a care, head in the clouds, loves everything make believe, and lives life like tomorrow might not come kind of kid. I thought she might outgrow this (I know she still might). I secretly hope she never does!

Below is a picture of her twirling around. I know it looks like she is running but she is really just spinning around in circles. She does this for hours every day.
Fun, happy, and every color of the rainbow that is my Demi! BTW, I am not leaving out my other 2 children. I will write on them after I get a few nice pictures of them. 8 year old boys can be hard to get with the camera (mine likes to hide from it) and Zee can be a bit moody some days (teething doesn't show her at her best).

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Kate in NJ said...

LOL, P twirls around my living room and yard singing that SAME song..over and over until it hurts my ears! lol
Your children are so beautiful!!