Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy May Day!

April showers bring May flowers. Look what my very cute, thoughtful, and very adorable children gave me today.

It is a very large sandbox bucket FULL of dandelions. They wanted to give me the biggest basket of flowers ever. LOL! They did pack it full of dandelions. I think it had a good 50-100 dandelions inside (most of them smashed up in the bottom). Who needs roses? I happen to love my dandelions in a sand bucket! I can't think of a more original vase for a "flower arrangement". Yes, today I feel like a very special, very loved, mommy! Can't you all see the simple beauty in my flower bouquet? I see beauty and feel the love of my little ones. They spent a lot of time in the rain picking flowers. My son showed me all the "perfect looking ones" that he picked out himself. Yes, I think today was a feel good to be a mommy kind of day for me.
I think even weeds can be beautiful.

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Gottfredsen said...

Hey I agree even weeds can look beautiful. Make sure to stop my blog. I left you something.