Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sorry! and kiddy pool pix

Once again I am writing to say I am sorry that I have left this blog get so dusty for so long. I was doing the Wii fit with my children a couple months ago and lifted up my hand when getting up on the balance board and the ceiling fan was on and slammed into my finger. I was lucky that I didn't do any major damage but the bruising hurt for a long time and that made typing hard. My hand is healed so once again I will try to catch up. We had a fun and busy summer. Lots of time was spent playing with family and friends. Summer flew by this year. It was a very rainy summer here in PA but most days left us plenty of outside play time between the ran showers. Demi turned 4!!!! She got her very first hair cut (really it was just a tiny trim). My hubby turned 40!!!!!! Travis has been obsessed playing sports. He rotates from basketball, running, football, soccer, golf, tennis, biking, swimming, and baseball. We run out one day to get him a new basketball one day only to find him obsessed with tennis the next day. We consider all sports equipment as part of our school expense (we use it all for PE class). I am happy that Travis enjoys hours of outside physical activity every day. He is 9 and still a very active child (all boy). Zee is growing up way to fast! We moved her out of our room and in with her sister (sniff sniff). I am having a hard time admitting she is NOT a baby. She lets me know every day that she is a big girl just like her sister.

Some of our summer fun
Pool play!

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