Sunday, October 08, 2006

Something squirrelly is going on!

DS went over to his grandma's house last Saturday. She showed him the squirrels in her yard eating the acorns under her tree. This gave my DS the BIG idea that if he picked up a pile of acorns from her yard and brought them over to our house he could use the nuts to catch himself a pet squirrel. I laughed at the thought of my son (6 years old) catching a squirrel. My DH was NOT laughing when he heard about our sons idea. Once DS was out placing his nuts in the perfect spots I asked DH if he thought our son would ever be able to catch a squirrel and even if he got one to come into our yard it would go away when the food was gone. We live in the country and we have several acres of land but no squirrels. I think the neighbor across the road (might) shoot them but I'm not sure. I have only ever seen 1 in our bird feeders in the 6 years we have lived in our house. Anyway, after DH gave it some thought he did chuckle and decided it would be interesting to see this play out. THIS is what the walkway to our house looks like!!!!
This is a leprechaun trap DS and DH made when he was 2 (it was a great idea I borrowed from AmySue in Texas). OOOPS the trap idea came from her not catching squirrels. LOL!
THIS!!!! This will make you laugh!!! It is a plastic hat (4th of July hat) with a plastic Easter basket on top!!! Do you wonder what is this? It is the home for his squirrel. Yes a bit small and flimsy for a squirrel house. LOL! OH! The bat is what he was using to bust open his acorns to make nut water. The squirrels told him the LOVE nut water..... The pot is also a squirrels home and the 2 storage containers. I don't think a stuffed animal the size of a gray squirrel would fit in any of them. LOL!

I want everyone to know we don't have ANY squirrels in our yard. I know people can hand feed squirrels and that they could make a person ill and such. This is RIGHT in front of my house. He has NO chance of catching a squirrel! If he did somehow lure one in I would sit and talk about wild animals vs pets. I think it is all silly fun for him. It is a lot like him trying to catch a bird with our salt shaker. He doesn't have a pet bird yet! LOL! BUT! He did say he got some salt on a dove but not enough salt to become his friend. LOL!

If he gets one I will let you all know! LOL!

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