Wednesday, October 07, 2009

fun at the fair

Last week we went to the Bloomsburg Fair (largest fair in PA). It was a wonderful time.

Demi loved the pony ride.

She also loved pretending to be a princess.
We looked at and talked to lots of animals (Zee LOVED the animals).
I think Daddy O must have had a sore back from holding the girls up to see everything.
We all enjoyed the food.
I tried to get a nice picture for my mom but it didn't work out.

Yummy food!
We played games.
and won some prizes.
We all ate some more yummy food.
Did I mention we really liked the food?
Rob did some teaching (he really gets into his lessons).
A bit more yummy food.

Happy children!
We learned about lots of things.

We smiled a lot.
We learned a lot (Rob did most of the teaching).
We enjoyed snacks. Honey sticks anyone?
The children got toys,
raced down the slide,
And played games.
They really enjoyed the games.

I think the best part was the tasty food! What's that? Did I already mention all the wonderful food?

It was a great day!

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