Sunday, October 04, 2009

Wetlands Institute Part 2

Walking the trail in the wetlands. This trail was neat! We had a book and some papers that told all about the wetlands. You could also dial a number on a cell phone and listen to a recording. Travis started with the cell phone but quickly asked not to do it because he likes to gain his knowledge by reading and seeing not by using the phone (I think if my family reads this they might question if Travis really is my son because everyone knows most of what I learned about in school was learned when I was on the phone. I had a phone glued to my ear from age 13-20+). LOL!

Here is Travis and Demi 0observing some of the wetlands.

Daddy-O teaching Travis.Remember me saying about the phone number you could call on the cell phone? Well, before Travis turned off the phone a man walked past us and said to me "That man on that phone has a wonderful voice". Once he said that I noticed the voice on the phone was the same voice the man had who was talking to me. He is a marine biologist who works at the Institute. He is a very nice man. We learned a lot from him. In picture below he is the man on the left.
He was checking the nets (something they put over the turtle nests to keep them from running off and getting killed. Here is a baby one we found that wasn't in a net. We asked why he wasn't in a net and the kind man explained that they don't always find all the places that have eggs (I guess sometimes a mama turtle lays eggs and nobody sees it).

Travis liked walking in all the water (yuck, he is such a boy).

Wondering what Zee did all vacation? She relaxed (maybe a bit too much). Here she is sleeping again.

I love the picture below of Poppy and Demi.

Travis got into learning about everything in the wetlands (he is such a good student).
Rob and Travis walked out on the boardwalk and spent a long time shooting the breeze and asking questions about wetlands with the kind man (I wish I could remember his name).
A picture of another baby found on the walk (this one was found in a protected net)

We saw a lot of cool things on our walk. I am short on time so I will have to finish up our wetlands trip tomorrow.

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