Saturday, August 04, 2012

Friday pizza night gone wrong!

I'm almost at the one week mark!  I am 2 meals (breakfast and lunch) away from 1 week. I'll try to give a quick rundown of the food I still have in the house over the weekend.  If I start to plan my meals now for next week I might be able to make the food last longer.  I think this morning we had pancakes for breakfast.  I had to put our last two bananas in the freezer to use for bread later on.  They were becoming too ripe for my kids to eat.   The kids had toasted PB&J sandwiches with yogurt for lunch.  Dinner almost turned into a problem!  I had a frozen pizza kit in the back of my freezer.   The kit had 2 crust, 2 packs of sauce, and a bag of cheese.  Rob bought it maybe 3 weeks ago and I put it in the freezer the night he bought it.  Tonight I took it out of the freezer and opened it up (still frozen) and found mold on the cheese.  EWWWW!!!   This is one of the reasons I don't like to buy a lot of packaged foods.   The store this was bought from was NOT Walmart.    I won't shop that store for a pizza kit again!   The sell by date was Aug 21.   I'm guessing at some point the store didn't have it in the refrigerated section?   Now that I'm way off track I need to get back to dinner tonight.   I was in a hurry to find something.   Most of the food I keep in the freezer (cooked chicken breast, bread, chicken broth, and everything else I want to stay fresh).  I didn't have time to defrost a meal.   I had some ground beef in the fridge so I quickly made up 2 burgers and tossed them on the grill.  Everyone else had hot dogs/chili dogs (we finished off the end of our old pack and opened up the new pack I bought this shopping trip).  To go with the burgers and dogs I made up french fries and the rest of the frozen corn.  I'm snacking on grapes right now.  My kids snacks were candy from Grandma when we stopped at my MIL's house this afternoon. 

I had a lot of extra hamburger (I only made 2 small burgers) so I used the rest of it to make a dish of meatballs tonight.  I cooked them up and put them into the freeze r to eat another night. 

  I was at my MIL's today and she told me that I would NOT be able to feed a family of 5 for 3 weeks for $150.  She said it is impossible to feed a family of 5 (even with 2 being small girls) 3 meals a day for $50 a week.  I'm kind of driven to try to prove her wrong.  I hope I can! 

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