Friday, August 03, 2012

Thursday Day 6 or is it 5?

I think today is only day 5.  I think I got off track with my days.  I know at dinner time Sat. night it will be one full week.  I'll get this back on track with the days soon.  Everyone got up and ate breakfast but they all made it themselves so I'm not sure what they ate.   I'm sorry to say I don't remember lunch or snacks.  I think Travis made lunch for everyone.   I ran out to deliver 2 flower girl dresses so Rob made dinner for everyone.  WOW!  I just realized I didn't make any meals today!   My family is feeling better and they helped me so I could do some sewing jobs and house work.  Day 6 was a good day!   I think I needed a day out of the kitchen!  It's been almost a week on this food stretching thing and I can see my family knows I have lots of choices for  meals and snacks and they need to check with me before opening something new. I no longer  have to police the food AND I got a day off from cooking!

Rob made a tossed salad for dinner.   He went out in the yard and picked some ripe grape tomatoes for us!  BTW my family hardly ever cooks meals.  Today was a real treat!

 He made Rigatoni and garlic bread (from a frozen loaf that was hid way back in the back of the freezer weeks ago).   Most plates were fuller than this.  I'm not a big pasta eater so I had less than the men.   We have left over pasta that Rob will eat for lunch at work the next day or two. 

I'll be back tomorrow.   I hope to work out my plans for this weekend in my head tonight.  Not only do I have to figure out some quick take on the go type of meals, I also need a take to a large group thing for my family reunion.  I didn't buy anything to feed a large group!  I don't want to buy food yet. I pray I can come up with something!

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