Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wensday & Thursday

Wensday was Rob's day off.   The kids all had cereal for breakfast.   I didn't make lunch (Rob or Travis must have done it for me) so I don't know what they ate.   Rob bought Pizza for dinner.  I was going to make ham steaks, mashed potatoes, and carrots but he really wanted pizza.  I'm wasn't happy about spending money on pizza. I felt like he was trying to ruin all my hard work!   I've been working so hard on saving every penny and he ran out to get a pizza?  Rob often buys pizza on Fridays he also buys take out food for himself at lunch several times a week.  I haven't let him spend any money on take out food so he has done much better than usual.  I have no photos. Sorry!

Thursday the kids had left over pizza, ice-cream, and cereal for dinner. I let the kids eat ice cream for dinner 2 or 3 times a summer (on very hot days).  This was my first time this year.  Rob was working and the kids were tired.  I had to feed them quick to get them to bed.  I got the "fun mom award" for giving ice cream for a meal.   I found a box with a bit of ice cream in the back of the freezer and I don't know how long we've had it so I wanted to let them eat it before it got freezer burned. 

We are running out of milk, coffee filters, and some other items.  I have things to make dinners (chicken breast, meatballs, some dark meat chicken, soup broth, ham steaks, potatoes, and such).   We've ran out of most lunch items, we're down to a loaf of bread, peanut butter, Nutella, tomato soup, mac N cheese, a tiny bit of hard salami, a bit of sandwich cheese, and a few rolls in the freezer.  The only fruit we have left is some apples and a honeydew.   We're out of yogurt.   We have a few boxes of pudding, some jello, and animal crackers for snacks.   We have just over a box of cereal and some pancake mix.   hmmm....   I wonder how far I can keep it going before I run out of all the stuff needed to make a full meal?

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