Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I need to thank my friend Ellen in Texas for the ball pit idea again. When we aren't using the balls for the baby to play in we keep them in buckets for what we now call our ball wars game. When ds is done with he school for the day we build forts and each take a bucket and have a fight with them. We call it ball wars. My son will do his work very neat and quick to have a ball wars game. This has been a BIG help with getting our school work done each day! On Daddy's days off all 4 of us join in. I know this isn't what some people think as a game that should be played inside but nothing gets broke, nobody gets hurt, and we all have fun. I feel like I have to give my son a great education (my husband holds me to that). At the same time I feel he should get the fun at home that public school often gives a child. This is just my thoughts on what is working for my own family. In a few years I think I will look back at this and wonder what was I thinking!!! Why would I let my children toss balls in the house???? We have LONG winters and this game should help us with the stuck in the house long winter feeling. KWIM?

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