Friday, September 29, 2006

Learning from my children.

I have learned more from my children then they will ever learn from me. Looking at what they see has showed me things that you don't ever get to learn growing up. My son has taught me how to think and wonder. I was once a person full of ideas and opinions that I thought of as RIGHT. I remember thinking when I am a Mom my children will....... LOL! I knew it ALL! My first few weeks of being a Mom I found out that I knew NOTHING! I saw a lady with her baby in a sling when my son was only a few days old. I looked at her and thought that lady has her baby in a BAG!!! That tiny baby can die in that BAG! 2 weeks later I had a sling and my tiny baby was in the same type of bag. LOL! He needed to be held all the time or he would cry. My son's doctor said I needed to use one so I could have free hands to get things done. I am very happy I learned that lesson.

My son loves the Lord and has a very close relationship with him. He would share his faith with others in line at the grocery store at the age of 2! He will preach the good news to anyone who will listen and a few who wouldn't. I wish I could say that I have done the same. He prays for family members who don't know the Lord. He once prayed for a fish that was swimming on its side and it got better. My son is a thinker he thinks about everything all the time. He has taught me to stop and think. I love the questions he asks. I don't like having to look up the answers all the time. I guess you can say we are learning together. I hate to admit this but many of his questions go way over my head. SHhhhhh...... Don't let him know that. He stands back and watches everything. He doesn't care what the toy does at all. He always "needs" to know HOW the toy works. "JUSTICE" is what he searches for all the time. We think of him as our young Yoda. He always wants what is right and fair. He has taught me to take a minute to see the others person side before I say you are wrong and I am right. He will often give up things so he can be fair and do what's right. If he and his sister each had 6 candies and his sister lost hers he would give her 3 of his to make it even. He would do the same for someone who wasn't his sister. I once had to leave the register at Best Buy so I could walk him across the store to give a lady a dime she dropped on her way in the store. I often wonder if I would have done the same. He has taught me responsibility. From about the age of 2 he always felt the need to pick up in a store. If a toy is on the floor he needs to pick it up and put it on a shelf in the correct spot. In my 6 years of being his mom he has shown me to stand up with my faith, remember to pray for those often forgotten, look at the other side before deciding right from wrong, think about what is fair and honest, and to be responsible even at times it could be someone else's job. I am so grateful to be able to now see things this way.

My dd is a ball of joy. She has taught me to LOVE life. She is happy full of laughter. She will dance and never cares who sees her do it. She loves to sing and dance. Her singing is a lot like screeching at times and yet she never worries that someone might notice she is off key. She has such a great understanding about who she is. It would be very hard for someone to hurt her self esteem. She doesn't care what others think about her sillyness. She can make you get up and dance when you don't want to. She is afraid of nothing. She climbs the walls and jumps off furniture. She has a contagious laughter. She is FUN. She will find a way to make everything we do FUN. She has a wonderful old fashioned side to her. She loves fabric, yarn, cooking, cleaning, and mothering her dolls. I would love to say I taught her all of that stuff but that wouldn't be true. She seasons plastic food and asks with a please for us to taste it. She mothers her babies in a way that is so loving. She carefully wipes down the house with a damp rag and never skips a spot. She has a giggle that makes me laugh when I am in the worst of moods. She has taught me to laugh when I want to cry, to live when I want to sleep, to jump and dance for fun, to sing and not care how it sounds, how to show love from deep inside, and to always have fun.

I think my parents spent a lot of years trying to teach me all that stuff. I was young and immature I wasn't ready to learn it. Now that I am a Mom I am finally getting it. You know it is true.... You need to be a parent to know how much your parents loved you. The love children show us is so great. I am so happy that I can be a Mom!

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