Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Busy box #2

This is a wipe box with plastic starfish. They fit nice in the slot and this was the first of my busy boxes to entertain her for a long time. She loves sticking them in the slot. At first she couldn't open the box up so I had to do it for her. For a few weeks she didn't "get" that she needed to let go of the stars to get her hand out. She would fuss and fuss over it. We would tell her to let go of the starfish to get her hand out. Once we told her to let go her hand would come out and she would be happy again until she forgot again to let go (about 2 minutes later). LOL! She can sort them now. This week her new thing is to hide them. I keep finding them in the sofa, under the rugs, and in other little boxes. You can see in the picture that a few are missing. I think we have 3 of each. Mondays I clean out the living room and find them all. Once she sees them all in the box she runs off and hides them again.

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