Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip to Frances Slocum State Park.

We went out to Frances Slocum State Park yesterday. It has a very nice playground! It was wonderful (maybe even the perfect playground) for my children. This one has a bunch of challenging things for T. and lots of small fun things for D. Most playgrounds seem to be more fun for one of the two children. Frances Slocum has a nice horseshoe shaped lake but I didn't think to take a picture of it. I always forget to take pictures of things. I know we will be going back to this state park in a few weeks and I will try to take more pictures then.

This is D. looking down a big slide.
T. walking across the swaying poles.

D. trying to rock. Her legs are a tiny bit short.
Her favorite thing to do head first down a slide.
We left the park and went out to Harvey's Lake to have some pizza for dinner. Harvey's lake is one of the largest natural lakes in Pa. After pizza we drove around the lake. Then we stopped for ice cream cones at an ice cream stand before we went home. The children like to play on the truck at this ice cream stand. This is T climbing up.
This is T acting very silly in the truck.
T. and D. in the back getting ready to go down the slide one last time.
It was another fun family day for us.

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