Thursday, May 24, 2007

sprinkler fun.

Today was hot so I got out T's sprinkler for the children to play in. D. did not like the sprinkler at all! She cried when she got wet! LOL! This is her mad face.

T. loves to run in the sprinkler (like most children do).D. had more fun pulling up grass, tearing leaves, and watching ants.

T. Spent a lot of time running in and out of the sprinkler . Today he didn't have any interest in grass, leaves, or ants. For him water play was a LOT more fun!

She is mad at the water spraying at her.

T. is happy as can be in it!My little girl..... she can be so cute!
T. is using swords to fight off the evil sprinkler (Batman). LOL!

D . running away from the water.D. Was a lot happier in her sand and water table. She would spend all day and night in her sand and water if we would let her. She really does spend hours a day in this and never gets bored with it.

T. all wet. He came over to the sand and water table to play with his sister after I made him turn off the sprinkler.


Heather said...

D's "mad" face is just to cute

Heather said...

OT. I tagged you on my blog. please check it out