Monday, April 16, 2007

craft and learning

My son is crafting again! I know I have told you all many times how crafts, art, and anything else like that is NOT his thing! I am so happy he is showing an interest! My son has many gifts the Lord has given him and I am very happy he puts them all to good use. I am not the kind of person who judges what kind of mom I am on how smart my child is. My son does very well with his school work that stuff comes easy to him. I could NEVER use that to judge myself. God gave him that gift. The Lord has lead me to try to get my son to try crafts, art, and music (the stuff my son struggles with). I think T works hard on using his gifts he has been given all the time without me telling him to so I feel it must be my job to try to get him to try things that are NOT easy for him. I don't have any plans on having him become an artist.LOL! I actually don't have any plans for him to become anyone but himself. KWIM? I feel that I should make things fun and encourage him to try the stuff that is hard for him. I hope to keep him grounded (not thinking he is better than others) in doing this. I know several very smart people and many of them seem to judge others on how smart they are. I don't EVER want my son to do this!!! I want him to SEE that things that DON'T come easy for him can come easy for others and that makes them (people like me) special people also. I want him to know that God gives us all wonderful gifts and I want him to be able to "see" the talents others have. I hope that he also knows from this that I DON'T love him because he does his papers well or because people call him smart! I love him for being him. I would love him JUST as much as I do now if he didn't know anything! I feel he pushes himself enough with his school work he doesn't need me to add to it. KWIM? I will not post pictures of his school work tonight because it always looks nice. Nice papers are something he does most of the time. He is still doing wonderful with it all. I will post instead some of his work that didn't come easy to him. I feel he is doing a wonderful job at trying to make things! Please keep in mind he is NOT a imaginative child or someone who likes crafts. I hope knowing that you will see the HUGE step he has taken.
They are wooden people. I have made little dolls from wooden pegs lots of times before so he didn't come up with the idea. He used fabric, fiber, and yarn for hair. He used fabric, ribbon, lace, markers, and paints for bodies and faces. I didn't ask him to make them he decided he wanted to make them in his own free time. He made them for his little sister! Such a wonderful kind child I have! The one above is very special to me. He made it for his Dad. He said it looks like his Daddy and I had to take a second look but after I did I do agree it does! I will have to write and show how his drawing has improved so much tomorrow. Sorry I don't have time to write more. I will try to get all caught up soon!

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Kate in NJ said...

I love these! How wonderful he decided to craft.