Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sandboxes are ready to play in!

Hubby got the children sand to fill our sandboxes. The children are both so happy!
This is T in his turtle box.
D on the porch with her sand and water table. My children do share each others boxes. I love having lots of sand and sand toys for the children to play with. My children have so much fun playing in the sand. They will play for hours a day with the sand and sand toys. The only thing I don't like about having sandboxes is every year children who are not use to having sandboxes coming to playing in ours. I don't know why but once another child gets in a sandbox sand always gets tossed in the air or at another child. Within 2 minutes someone is screaming that they got sand in the eye. This has happened with children under 1year old and children as old as 10 years old. I feel it is something that will always happen when another child plays in the sand at our house. I have never figured out why this happens. I never see children doing this at the beach. My guess is at the beach the child's parents are so close that they don't let the children do it. I am so worried that a child's eye will get scratched or damaged by tossing sand around at my house. I don't ever let my children toss sand. When my children toss sand they are done playing in the sandbox for the day. That rule has kept little eyes safe when it is just my own children in the sand. We have had sandboxes every year for over 7 years now and each year soon as we get company I see sand flying in the air and it ends up hurting someone. Most of the time one of my children are the ones who get hurt from the sand being tossed at them from another child. Sometimes the child throwing sand gets it in his own eye. I don't know why some children think tossing sand is more fun than making castles, roads, digging and such but it always seems to be the thing other children like to do at my house. I am thinking this year I might just drag the sand into the garage when we know children are coming over. To keep all little eyes safe but they are so heavy I don't know if I will be able to do that all the time.... OR I guess I could make the children all wear swim goggles. That would also work. I doubt any children except my own would follow that rule. I worry that goggles would make the children think that I am OK with throwing sand when I am not. I think all that would happen is a child would be crying from a mouth and nose full of sand. I guess if other parents aren't worried about it I shouldn't be either but I can't keep from feeling bad when I see a little one crying from sand in the eye. I am sure it does hurt and I think it could scratch an eye and do some damage. If anyone has a solution to this problem PLEASE share with me! OH! back to my pictures I have a few more to share.....

After a lot of sand play D wanted to ride on her brothers tire swing. Daddy is giving her a push.
Daddy giving T a BIG push.

T having lots of fun!
I am so happy the snow is gone!!!!!

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Kate in NJ said...

I love the new pics..looks like a fun trip. I couldn't leave a comment there, so I came back