Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trip to State college

We went on a trip to state college. We live in Pa so this is a small trip (like most of our trips) Our first stop was at the "race car" Mc D's. This is a place that our son LOVED to go see when he was younger.

D was happy to run around some. My children don't like to be stuck in car seats for hours at a time.

Hubby next to race car.

T next to race car.
D wanted a turn also.

Back of car.
This is the part T likes the best . A real car that was crashed in a race . It hangs in the air.
Another view of crashed car.
D giving Daddy a kiss.

We did have to make a few stops after this one. I did have the car packed well with new toys (dollar store type toys). I packed large box of crayons, coloring books, loose paper, 6 bright color tablets, twist crayons, bubbles, putty that made gas sounds, magna doodles, squishy balls, lots of books, water wiggler, light up toys, music, crackers, sippy cups, snacks, candy, wet wipes, child potty, dragons, knights,frog that shoots foam disks out it's mouth, horses and turtles, and other stuff. For a trip that is only a couple hours long that should have been more than enough but it wasn't.

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