Saturday, April 21, 2007

Penn State.

Once we got to State College we went for a walk around. We went shopping for our children new PS hats and shirts. The price was well worth it because Rob's father sends Florida Gator stuff to T all the time so now T says he is not a Penn State fan at all he only likes Florida now because he can dress in the clothes. My hubby is OK with T liking Florida but he would be happier if he still had some interest in Penn State. Once our children got the new clothes they became Penn State fans again this puts a smile on hubbies face. I think looking at it this way it was money well spent.

After we finished shopping we went to see the lion. We took a ton of pictures with the lion.
After the lion and a walk around some of the campus we got on a bus. Our children like to ride on a buss. I think if they went to public school and rode one every day this wouldn't be fun anymore. D is crying for pizza. We told her we would get on the bus one more time and then get her some pizza.
She is happy again because she knows she is getting her favorite.... PIZZA!
We went back to the hotel and D got to eat pizza in bed!
T liked it also.

That was the end of our day (Thursday). I will post pictures from yesterday (Friday) tomorrow. My little one is screaming so I don't have time to read over what I wrote. I hope you can understand my writing.

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