Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone! Sorry I left for so long! I hope to post daily again. I WILL post weekly! I promise! I have LOTS of catching up to do! My camera is charging so I will write tonight or tomorrow and I will include some pictures soon as the camera is charged. I have a TON of email to sort out and such. I want spring to come! We are going to get more snow today and tomorrow. I hope this is the last of the snow. I kind of want my car back. My hubby drives my car to work when we have a chance of snow, flurries, or any winter type weather. Then after weeks of driving it he will forget he has a car (a small one with no child seats in it) that he can drive on nice days! We haven't had a lot of snow this year but it has felt like a long winter to me because I have been stuck at home for months now. I hope everyone is doing well. I plan to sneak in some blog reading time this week. My daughter is cutting her last tooth so I don't know how this week will go. I hope that tooth pops out today! I will be back tonight or tomorrow I promise!

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