Tuesday, June 26, 2007

#100 fun things to do in the summer

Everyone in my house is happy and well. We have been so busy enjoying the lazy days of summer (playing outside) I haven't had much computer time. I have been saying I was going to spend time catching up on the computer/blogging/and spring cleaning my house on all the rainy days/weeks we have each spring. The problem with that is we didn't get the rain this spring. I think it went from snow to hot sunny weather. In PA this never happens so we are making the most of it! I wonder if I didn't turn on my computer to load pictures of my daughters birthday party and saw a note from Kate wondering how my family is doing if I would have ever got motivated to sit in front of the computer before winter came back? We have a bit of a lazy days of summer routine going at my house.

I think I will go with a 100 things my family likes to do in the summer (we do the same 50-100 things over and over each day). If I post one a day it will only take me a few minutes and everyone will know all is well at my house.

This is my first one...
#100 Fun thing we like to do in the summer..... act silly and have fun! I know this is nothing new but they are the pictures I took yesterday and that was the only way I could think to describe them. T. was in the yard with his soccer ball and I didn't get pictures of him I will get some of him today. This is happy D. the doodle bug loving summer on our front porch! BTW that is chocolate cake on her face and teeth (she had a cupcake just before I picked up the camera).

Our little Doodles is one of the best at acting silly and having fun! Don't you agree? T. just told me his pick for summer fun favorite so i better go get it ready. I will take the camera out with me and share pictures tonight or tomorrow.

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