Friday, June 29, 2007

Another balloon fight

This took place right after the squirt gun fight and I know I already have balloon fights listed as one of things my family finds fun to do. I wanted to post this because D. figured out how to get the water balloons to break. It took her a bit to figure it out. LOL! When Daddy got home yesterday she came running out to him saying "waher boon bite Daddy PEESE!" (water balloon fight Daddy Please) LOL! We asked her to wait for the squirt gun fight to finish but she didn't listen. She went up on the porch and started getting them herself.

She was so excited!

She is showing me her balloon.

Daddy broke a balloon near her feet and it splashed in her face. That is why she has this silly face!

She wasn't happy getting splashed several times in a row.

What a big girl!This balloon was VERY LARGE and she picked it up all on her own.

This is a video of a tiny bit of the balloon fight. It was in the driveway because D. learned on her own that little rocks in the driveway make the balloons pop. I was happy she noticed that on her own.

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