Wednesday, June 27, 2007

#98 fun thing to do in the summer.

# 98 is Slip and slide!

Make your own slipnslide!!!

We bought one a 2 lane Spiderman slip and slide for the children to have fun with several weeks ago. After a few hours of play it broke. I remember the same thing happening when I was a kid. As children my sister and I thought that store bough was better so we always asked for the store bought ones. My father bought us a few of the "store bought" slipnslides and they always broke after a hour or so of play. My father didn't say that is what happens and left us crying in the yard like some parents would have done! My father would see us all sad over a broke slip and slide and he would go into the garage and bring out a big roll of black plastic (the kind you use in a garden I think) and pull out the sprinkler hose from the veggie garden and all the children in our neighborhood could go right back to having fun with the longest slip and slide in town (yes I have wonderful creative parents). I still think homemade slip and slides work a lot better than the store bough ones! This one is a 50 foot long garden sprinkler hose and a roll of clear plastic. It is 6 ml plastic (I think) 10 feet wide and 25 feet long. Much wider and longer than the store bought slip and slides. I have the hose running down the middle only so both my children can see they both have a lane (to keep them from fighting). Running it along the side of the plastic works just as well. Thanks Dad for the wonderful idea! I hope my children someday think of Rob and I as wonderful creative parents if they ever do it will be thanks to my own Mom and Dad.

I put a short video clip with this so anyone who who wants to "see" if a make your own slip and slide works could see it. Some of the pictures look very dark. A storm was on its way so the sun kept going behind the dark clouds it looks a bit like night time in some of them.

This is the video of T. sliding on it.

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