Tuesday, June 26, 2007

#99 fun thing to to in the summer

#99 on our fun thing to do in the summer list is.....WATER BALLOON FIGHT!

This is T.'s pick for fun thing to do today. I know everyone knows about water balloons but if you haven't had a good water balloon fight in many years let me show you how fun they still are. They are very good for motor skills. My son has to run fast to catch them and they are very slippery (very hard to keep hold of). They are also heavier than a regular balls (great for weak arms) AND it is LOTS of fun!!

This is Daddy and T. at the beginning (everyone is dry).

Look at this face!!! You all know everyone makes a face like this when you catch the balloon and have that fear of it busting and getting you all wet! LOL!
This is a face of a person knowing it is going to bust on him!
The joy you feel when you get someone else wet!
D. gets to play also!
She got herself all wet! LOL!
After tons of pictures I finally got a few of the balloons breaking. Look at the water splash all over T.
This is another good shot of T. getting all wet.Look he is dripping wet now!
This big balloon he caught. He is getting a lot better at catching them. I think he would do better if he kept his eyes open.

D. with her balloon.

Daddy cheated at the end.
If you are wondering about me. I did join in after I got a few pictures of the balloons breaking. I taught T. how to get them to break to get Daddy wet. Daddy will not be as dry tomorrow when we have another water balloon fight. Daddy did get me me wet in the end. Once he saw that I didn't have the camera in my hand he let me have it with the balloons also. I think it is still just as much fun as it was when I was 7 years old! My son picked up all the broken balloons out of the yard for me. What a good boy I have!

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