Friday, November 16, 2007

Mitten madness part 2

Part 2 of mitten madness

Kit #11
Mitten puppets.
I added a envelope of construction paper strips to make striped mittens.
Kit #12

Another set of mitten puppets. This one has feathers to glue on. Hmm... I don't see my Q-tip paint brushes in this picture I will have to go back and look to make sure I put some in the bag. If you are wondering why so many of them are so much alike it is because my goal is to have lots of stuff to keep her busy. Stripes one day and feathers the next or later in the same day are enough to keep her busy and happy. For her they are puppets that are a lot different. LOL!
Kit #13

Another book only this one was made after I found my paper punch I used ribbon to tie the book.
Kit #14
A mitten set with dots I cut out of foam. Foam is wonderful for little fingers. When Demi was 1 year old I would cut things out of foam and give them to her. I would then put dots of colored glue on papers for her to stick the foamies on. She is old enough now that she can pick up the tiniest of papers but we still like to use foam to glue on things.
Kit #15
Weaving mittens. I used the ugly construction paper for this because this is a craft that will get torn when she is doing it. I made up the traditional weave mats (the kind we all made tons of home when we went to school). I cut the strips thin and made sure they would fit LOOSE. Demi will try to do this project but most likely she will only put 2 strips in the mitten and she will not go over under all the way. Hers go under, over,over, over, under, under, over. LOL! She will most likely tear it in a few places and we will tape it when she is done and tell her she did a great job. LOL! When Travis was little I would do things like this hand over hand with him. With Demi I let her do it her way and offer to tape the broken spots when she is done. I don't care if she goes over and under with each one. If Travis does one he will cut his own mitten, fold it in 1/2, cut the slits in the mitten,cut the strips, and do the weaving all on his own. He will go over under all the way but he is 7.

Kit #16
This is a snowball mitten set. I made circles to mark the amount of snowballs to match the number on the mitten. I added cotton balls for the snowballs.

I had to search for something to trace around to make my circles. I was going to use a coin then I thought of a bottle cap. I grabbed this cap and I was going to trace around it to make circles but i hate tracing little circles. I then thought how dipping it in paint might work. It did work a lot better than drawing them. I was able to do each mitten in just a few seconds time.
Kit #17

Mitten number order. 2o mittens to sort out and line up in number order. I made them small like the ABC set.

Kit #18

Make a snowman. This is just a bunch of cotton balls, a piece of blue construction paper, a paint strip, and glue. I will tell her to glue the cotton balls to make snowmen.

Kit #19
Because I had blue paper and cotton balls in front of me. I thought paining with cotton balls might be fun for her and very quick for me to toss together.

This kit is just blue paper, white paint, a plate to put some paint on, and cotton balls to paint on the blue paper.I know the 2 snow kits above are not "mittens" and that does break a rule but because the stuff was on the table right in front of me from the other kits I was making I thought it would be silly not to stick it together, snap a picture, and toss it in a bags. By doing this I got 2 extra kits to keep her busy and they didn't take any time to make up.

Kit #20
Red Light Green Light mitten game.
I used red and green construction paper to make the stop and go mittens. I used the cardboard piece that was in my pack of construction paper pack for the middle layer. I glued them all together and in about 2 minutes time I have a game. We will play it just like red light green light only we will say stop and go. Sorry the colors don't look red and green in the pictures. Construction paper is hard to photograph plus the glue was still wet when I took the pictures. I can even see the wet glue on the green side.

I have many more kits already made up so I will post more soon. It takes me a long time to get the pictures uploaded. It is so funny that I can make up over 10 new kits in under an hour but it takes me over an hour to upload the pictures. I don't stay at the computer when it is loading them so it doesn't take that much of my time but I have to remember to keep coming back to upload more then I have to find time when my children don't need me to type up what they are.


reprehriestless warillever said...

Amber, you are amazing.

If it weren't the week of Thanksgiving I would sit down and make some kits tonight.

I will do so soon, and I think that your 2 rules are perfect.

Mandy said...

I love this! Great job!

Amber said...

RW-Thank you so much for the kind words! They are so easy to make up! I am trying my best to find time to keep adding to this project when I can find the free time.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Mandy- Thank you! I was so worried people would laugh at my silly little paper bag kits when they saw them. Thanks for making me feel good!
Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Timalee said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, though I have been enjoying your comments and ideas on homepreschool yahoogroup for awhile now. Your mitten ideas are great. I enjoy making projects for my little one, but alot of the material out there makes me feel like we need to do it "perfect". Thank you for your honesty and reminding me that it is ok if I don't cut it straight because in 10 minutes my 2 year old is going to tear it up anyway! I really enjoy your "keeping it real" approach and look forward to more great ideas from your posts!