Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow day!

We had fun playing in the snow today. I tried to get pictures of Zehira outside in the snow but I couldn't do it. to be honest she didn't seem to even notice the snow. LOL! I did take some pictures of the other two. I gave them a sled ride. I was trying to hold the baby, take pictures of them and pull the sled all at the same time. The pictures are not as good as the ones my hubby took yesterday but it was the best I could do.
Baby Z. turned 2 months old today!


Heather said...

Snow Days are so much fun! I loved having them growing up in Maine. Now that I live in Florida I do not get much chance to have them. Maybe I can give the boys some "Sun" days. LOL. Also I wanted to say that your mitten sets are amazing, it is inspiring. I used your idea for the water color paints. The boys loved it so thank you.

Amber said...

You can always take a trip up north! We always get lots of snow at my house! Your boys are welcome to come play anytime! My children would have so much fun!