Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What we have been up to.

OK, here is some of what we have been doing.

Demi yells to do school with Travis every day now. If I have enough stuff for her to do she will sit for all of Travis's school (several hours). I found a few old brighter vision workbooks in a box in the garage. They are a few that Travis never finished up when he was little. Demi LOVES them. She had lots of fun with them over the last week or so. I don't make her stay at the table with Travis but as long as she is happy doing school with us I let her stay and join in.

Travis is a wonderful student! He does so well with all his school. Most days he asks for extra work in all subjects.
The baby sleeps well in the morning if I have enough stuff to keep Demi busy/quiet.

I have been using a lot of the crafts on DLTK to keep Demi busy. She can't cut them out but she does a wonderful job with using glue to put them together. I print out some in black and white and I noticed she tries to color in the lines. Most of the time I give her some quick directions and let her do what she wants. I don't care if she does them correctly or not. I am very surprised to see she does them right almost all the time. Travis was reading at her age but he could not do glue crafts on his own. I remember doing them all hand over hand with him. Demi shows no interest in reading yet but she is terrific with glue . I try to give Demi the same subjects Travis is doing at the same time he does them. If he is doing math I give her things to count or numbers to play with. If he is doing writing I give her paper and pencils, for reading I give her books, and so on. Last Friday Travis was doing a spelling test. This was right after he had done writing so Demi still had a small tablet on her tray that she was writing on. Travis would say NEXT every time he finished writing his word so I would say the next word. After the 3rd word Demi YELLS out NEXT before Travis got his word on his page. I turn and looked to see her with her notebook and pencil pretending to write the spelling words. LOL! Anyway, I thought if I wrote this it might help a momma who has a school age child and a preschooler out with something to do during spelling time. Travis seems to love the idea that his little sis is trying to things the same way he does.

Zehira gets lots of love from her brother and sister. BTW the red mark on her head is not a bump. I am guessing it is a mark from how she was laying before her brother picked her up.

The children made Dino's this weekend. This is Travis's Dino eating off a playdough tree.

This is Demi's tree (that is what she told me it was).The bathroom remodel is going MUCH better! We have a tub and shower! We don't have the money to replace the rest of the room yet so this project will have to go on hold for a bit. I am happy we have no leaking pipes and everything is working. I don't like the missing floor blocks in front of the tub or the missing ceiling blocks in the shower but I will have to live with that for now.

Demi helping with the tools. Her favorite thing to do with Daddy nowadays.
Demi with more tools.

Travis holding up a large piece of the shower wall.

Demi being her funny self.

That is the HAPPY things we have been up to. The not so happy things in my house right now is when Demi is not doing school with brother she is pretending to be a baby. Today she climbed into the playpen and messed her pants. She told me she was a baby. UGH! That isn't the only not so happy parts of my day Zehira has reflux so she is upset for hours at a time EVERY night and a little bit during the day. I walk, sing, and cry with her for hours every night. I was starting to think my baby hated me! The doctor said it is just reflux. Good news is Zee has just hit 10 pounds and she is growing well. She does smile and is wonderful when she isn't in pain screaming at me. Having to be up late every night with her screaming and then getting up early every morning (Demi now gets up at 5-5:30 am) this has kept me away from the computer. A few nights I only got 2 hours of sleep. I hope to get more computer time when this phase passes by!


reprehriestless warillever said...

Demi doesn't look like a baby anymore. When did that happen?

And Travis is looking so grown up.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

OMG Amber, Zahara wants to do EVERYTHING Zachary is doing. How do you do it??? I get so frustrated. If only she will occupy herself. Of course she loves glue but then she asks for help a zillion times. I go back and forth. I give ds worksheets to do and he just zooms right through them. He loves to do worksheets. Some days I master it, some days it feels like I want to scream. YIKES!!!

AmySue said...

Hey Chika!
The baby is beautiful!