Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Painting idea.

I was cleaning up some Tempera paint off the kitchen table several weeks ago when I got this idea. I thought about how a wet cloth on dry Tempera paint makes the pant spread the same way it does when the paint is fresh. This gave me an idea on A cheap low mess toddler paint set!!! I put a few large drops of paint on a stiff paper paper, paper plate, card stock, or cereal/cracker boxes. I let them dry then store them with art supplies. When I don't have time to grab a bunch of paints for Demi to paint with (because I am helping Travis with school or caring for the baby) I can hand her the dry paint blobs and a few wet Q-tips and let her paint. She can't make much of a mess with them because it is a LOT less paint than I give her at our normal art or craft times. plus it is watered down it wipes up Very easy!

I wanted to take pictures of my new craft kits I made up for her using this idea but I can't seem to find time to take the pictures (I have a baby in my arms most of the time nowadays).

Below are the pictures I took when I first tried out this idea. I will try to get pictures of my craft kits soon as I find myself with a few free minutes with no children in my arms or lap (might be a long time before that happens).

I am sure others have thought of this idea before. I wish I would have known to do this years ago. About 4-5 years ago when Travis was little I use to have a group of children(1-4 years old) over once a week to have a craft/play time. This idea would have been perfect back then.

Just in case I don't get around to taking pictures of my craft kits I will write it out now to give you an idea. I took cereal and cracker boxes and put drops of paint on them. I put the paint in rows and once dry I cut the boxes into rectangles. Each rectangle has several colors on it. I left a space on the cardboard with no paint to glue a cap (milk jug cap, juice bottle cap, soda cap any cap works). I then draw or print out a page for her to paint. She loves using glue so I add something to glue on the page. I then put the stuff all together with a few Q-tips and a glue stick and it is all ready. It takes only a second to grab and add a few drops of water into the bottle cap and give it all to her. She is 28 months old and can do the activities alone without my help. It keeps her busy and quiet for15-30 minutes or even longer. It is enough time for me to give Travis a lesson (a long lesson might use 2 kits), feed or change the baby, take a phone call, start dinner, or fold a load of clothes. It is the perfect thing to give me a few minutes when ever I need it! I think this would be good for school time for many children. I think it would be perfect for the moms who don't like paints/paint messes. I am not ever worried about paint messes but I do struggle often with teaching Travis, caring for Zehira, and finding ways to keep Demaris busy. My 2 year old has more control of our day than the rest of us. She is often LOUD. She screams when she is mad and even when she is happy she is far from quiet. Travis can not learn or concentrate on school when his sister is being loud. Baby Zehira can not sleep when her sister is loud. I can not focus and keep things moving along hen Deimi is having a loud day. I guess what I am trying to say is little dry drops of dry paint have made my life easier and my house less noisy for right now. LOL!


Heather said...

I will just say it. That is such a smart idea. Thank you. I have such a hard time with Gabe when it come to painting I am going to have to try that. Thanks

reprehriestless warillever said...


We'll have to try that.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Ok it seems like I was venting on my last comment. hehehe
I figured the dry paint one day when I was out of paint and the kids desperately wanted to paint. I love the idea. That way we use every drop of paint in our house. hehehe