Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Do quilt fairies exist?

Rob has been off work and my house has been very busy. I wrote this back on Jan 1 but I guess I never published it. I really thought I had published this! Right now my baby is fussing so I don't have time to proof read this (same story with almost all my posts). It looks like I typed out all of the story. Rob will be off again the next 2 days I will try to blog more next week.

I have been stuck at home for several months now. I had a hard time recovering from Zee's birth, money has been very short (huge hospital bill from her birth), and getting out of the house with 3 children one of them being a very cranky fussy baby is hard to do. I know I have gone out with Rob a couple of times I remember Travis's soccer game, our trip to NJ, and my Mom's house for Thanksgiving. They are the only times I can think of that I have left our house/yard other than 1 trip to the doctors for Zee's well visit. That one is the only time I remember driving (going without Rob). Anyway, I left the house last night. My parents treated us all to dinner. ALL of us... Dad, Mom, brother, his wife, my sister, her husband, her 3 children, Rob and I and our 3 children. 14 of us! It was wonderful! The point of writing all of that is to let you all know that the chances of someone stopping by my house and me not being home is not likely to ever happen! We had dinner at a restaurant 10-15 minutes down the road from our house. Travis was calm and kind, Demi was on her best behavior (I was shocked), Zee didn't cry, fuss, or look upset at all SHE even SMILED at everyone (this was a HUGE SURPRISE for me). After our wonderful dinner we came home ready to start our small family New Year's party. I carried Demi up on the porch and found a QUILT in our door! YES! A QUILT! Not just a quilt but a BEAUTIFUL HAND MADE QUILT! I oohed and aahed over this gorgeous quilt for some time. I had NO idea who it came from! My first thought was hmm... I better call my mom.... She MUST know WHO the quilt fairy is, after all, my mom told me 2 or three times at the restaurant to call when I got home to let her know what my hubby and children got me for my birthday (I hadn't opened my gifts yet). I started thinking that her birthday gift question was just an excuse to get me to call so she could hear about my surprise visit from the quilt fairy. I was sure that someone must have let her know that they had plans to drop off a quilt and that she even told them when I wouldn't be home. I was so shocked to find out she was just as surprised as I was to learn about our fairy visit. I was so sure she knew because only my family would have known I was going out! I started thinking HARD trying to figure it out but I could NOT think of anyone who could have made this. Rob looked at it and he thought he recognized some of the fabrics in the quilt. I don't go out much but my hubby does bring me home things from stores sometimes so he is familiar with fabrics (not by his choice). lol He said that he thought maybe his brother or mother went into our local quilt shop looking for something for my birthday (they know I love fabric, thread, and yarn) and maybe they saw this beautiful small quilt while shopping for thread and knew I would love it. This quilt is one that you would expect to find in a nice quilt shop (it is that beautiful). I thought a baby quilt seemed very extravagant for a gift but unless someone dropped it off at the wrong house it must be that someone gave it to me! LOL! I didn't want to call everyone I knew asking them if they made or bought a gift and stuck it in my door. I had a picture in my head of lots of people with strange looks thinking hmmm... I didn't know she was expecting me to give her a gift and not just any gift but a quilt! I didn't know what to do! I asked Rob to call his mom and brother and just ask if they had stopped by the house. I tolld him not to ask if they bought a quilt just ask if they stopped by the house. They said no. I could not imagine WHO did such a nice thing. The only 2 people that I could think of was a friend down a few houses down from me who told me once that she has made a few quilts int he past.The other person, I thought of, is a friend down the road who has a mother who makes quilts. I wouldn't call either of them because I was convinced that it had not came from either of them. I was so sure that someone dropped it at the wrong house! If it was a baby rattle small teether, or even a small scented candle I would have guessed it was a gift from a friend. I never thought anyone would MAKE me a baby quilt! My friend Vicky from down the road did say the other day she had a gift for my baby but I was really expecting a baby rattle maybe if I was really lucky, a handmade cloth diaper (she sews the cutest cloth diapers). I was sure that either someone was at the wrong house or we had some quilt fairy floating around. I remember stories as a child how little magical fairies float around at night doing nice things when nobody is around to see. I liked the fairy idea a lot more than the thought of someone stopping at the wrong house!

Our phone rang this morning. Rob answered it and I could hear him ask if the person on the phone stopped by our house last night. I heard him chuckle and say I thought so. I was very anxious to find out who was on the other end of the phone line! It was my friend Vicky! She made this quilt!
I don't know what to say! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends like Vicky and Kcaarin (she knit that beautiful sweater I wrote about a few weeks ago). With this being a New Year, turning a year older yesterday, having a new baby, and taking a good look into the mirror, I am able to see that I have so much growing up to do yet! I truly feel a deep desire to learn a skill/craft. I want to make others feel as special as I do right now.

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