Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kids science #1 centripetal forces

We did a spinning penny experiment. It lets children see centripetal force. I don't know for sure it is centripetal force and not centrifugal force. I am still looking for answers to this. I learned it was centrifugal force in school but we found several places online that say scientist have proven centrifugal force does not exist. I don't believe everything I read online so I am still looking to check and see that this is true. I don't want to give anyone wrong info! We put a penny in a balloon then blew it up (not a thick balloon you need to see inside it). We shook the balloon in a circular motion and got the penny to roll. We then stopped moving the balloon and watched the penny roll around for a long time. We then tried it with a quarter (that made a neat buzzing sound). We also tried a marble (that didn't roll much) and 2 pennies in one balloon (you could hear them clink a lot). Travis was the one who thought of trying a quarter, marble, and 2 pennies. If you do this please let us know what you put inside your balloon and how it worked.

I think this was a fun experiment for all ages. Travis was able to learn about how and why this happened. Demi got to see magic, play with balloons, and hear big words like Centrifugal and centripetal force. Even baby Zee seemed to have fun hearing and seeing things roll around in the balloons. I hope your children enjoy this as much as mine did.

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