Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer fun #1

I notice I have been taking a lot of pictures of my children just having fun. I thought the best way to share them is to do a running count of fun things they do. I think if I take the camera with me as we go places or when I play outside with the children I can easily get pictures of 7 activities in one day and then have a week worth of things to blog. I noticed my children hardly ever say they are bored. I feel so blessed I don't hear my children cry about being bored I thought maybe sharing what we do might help another mom from having to deal with it.

Yesterday I shared our fireworks from the 3rd of July. Today is summer fun #1
Going to see fireworks on the 4th of July with Daddy. Rob had to work on the 3rd so he couldn't go with us. You can find lots of places to see fireworks even with the 4th being over. Check out ball games, parks, and festivals. I am sure you will be able to find some that you can view from a grocery store parking lot in your area.
Below is a picture of poor Zee with a dirty and bruised face. She took a jump off the coffee table.
Travis sitting on the sidewalk watching the fireworks.

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