Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer fun #6

Fun #6 is play football in the pool with a friend.

This is another thing the boys did when Dante was over for the day. This was so much fun for Travis because we have only had our pool for a couple weeks.

I have been busy trying to get the two girls adjusted to the new pool. Because of that I don't get to play a lot with Travis when we are in the pool. I play with him but it isn't very fun when I have his 2 year old sister on my hip (she was against getting wet in the pool until today). Travis had so much fun playing a game of touch football in the pool with a friend. It was so much more fun than the normal game of catch a football with mom who has little sister in her other arm. I'm sure Travis will be talking about this for months.
If you don't have a pool you can take a friend to a public pool (we don't have a public pool near us).

or you could set up a sprinkler in the yard to play football in.

Until we got a pool football near a sprinkler was a favorite summer activity for him.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer as much as we are!

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