Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer fun #2

#2 for our summer fun is Play ball. My children love all kinds of ball play. On this day they chose to play baseball and soccer. We have a very large back yard (over 10 acres) but my children choose to play in the small front yard most of the time.
Picture above you can see all 3 children playing games alone yet together.

If nobody is around to play ball with Travis he will spend hours tossing balls in the air and hitting them with a bat. He will run the bases as fast as he can to make sure the imaginary other team doesn't tag him out.

Demi is getting good at soccer. She decided she didn't want to join a soccer team (she wants to join dance this year) but she has fun playing soccer in our yard.

Zee also likes to run with a soccer ball. I love that my girls choose to do it barefoot! My children do own shoes. My girls have a very large collection of shoes. I have no idea why they always play in the yard barefoot.

she wants to be just like her big brother and sister.

See my little hippie girl? She is wearing a beaded necklace, a hand smocked peasant top, pink bandana pants, and barefoot. I am sure she will tell you it is the only way to dress when you are playing soccer.
Carefree, peace, love, fun, all are words I would use to describe her.

The day I took this set of pictures my children ran around and played ball for a few hours before taking a break (to eat a freeze pop). They played alone and together. lots of running, laughs, and fun.

When is the last time you ran barefoot in the yard?

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