Wednesday, August 29, 2007

101 things about me.

I saw this on Daphne's and Yasmina's blogs. I decided to give it a try. WARNING! I am a very dull person! I think this list will put everyone to sleep!

1. I have always lived in PA.

2. I am a creative person.

3. I am not a deep thinker.

4. I admire my hubby and son for being deep thinkers.

5. I wouldn't mind giving up some of my (maybe all) of my creativity and gain smarts (deep thinking ability). After all lots of creative people share the creative ideas they have online for free.

6. I have wonderful parents.

7. I had a perfect childhood.

8. I want to give my children the childhood I had.

9. I often fall short of being as good at parenting as my parents.

10. I thought being married would be easy.

11. I LOVE colors.

12. I don't wear a lot of colors. I stick with wearing earth tones but don't know why.

13. I talk all the time.

14. I loved public school.

15. I never thought I would homeschool my children.

16. I love to do laundry,hang clothes on the line outside, and washing dishes.

17. I am often intimidated by people with lots of very strong opinions on how I do things.

18. I love being outside.

19. I want to learn to sew and follow a pattern.

20. I enjoy spinning wool into yarn.

21. I use to work in a factory making disposable diapers.

22. I often let people tell me what to do.

23. I try to make people happy.

24. I sometimes feel some people demand a lot from me knowing I will try harder to make them happy I try to view that as a challenge and work hard on it (for the first 6 months or so then I get cranky and sad when I find I can't bring them any happiness).

25. I love being a wife.

26. I love being a mom.

27. I would love to have some time to myself someday.

28. I love playing on the floor with my children.

29. My children are so fun they bring me more joy than I thought I could ever have.

30. I see in pictures. I can't think in numbers or directions it has to be a picture in my head or a feeling for me to understand things.

31. I don't often take the time to read instructions.

32. I am afraid to ride or drive in traffic (I only feel OK on back roads).

33. I live on a road that has more farm tractors and dirt bikes than cars.

34. 1 live around an hour away from the closest shopping mall.

35. I loved shopping when I was young now I never go shopping.

36. I have learned many lessons the hard way.

37. I had a job serving Pizza for over 10 years of my life.

38. I am an oldest child.

39. My hair was very long until it got very hot this summer I had a friend cut it off for me.

40. I am very pregnant.

41. I can't sleep anymore because I am so pregnant.

42. I am afraid to give birth.

43. I want to meet my new baby so much I cry at the thought of it.

44. I have a baby girl growing in my tummy kicking and hitting me around the clock.

45. I am a very attached parent.

46. I am so large I can fake labor pains and people would RUSH me to the hospital expecting me to pop out a 10 pound baby.

47. I get car sick the entire time I am pregnant.

48. I can't eat hardly any foods anymore (the baby doesn't like anything so I am sick a lot).

49. I am so tired!

50. I want to learn how to knit.

51.I believe a busy child is a well behaved child.

52. I love all children.

53. I get hurt when I see children saying or doing things to hurt others.

54. I think when children are bullies (with words or actions) it makes them look very dumb and keeps people from seeing how wonderful and smart they truly are.

55. I never got bullied as a child.

56. I even love children who hurt my children. I am not happy they hurt my children but still love them. I don't get anoyed easily with children. I find the way they see the world amazing.

57. I make up games for my children's birthday parties that EVERY child wins so I don't make any child cry sad from loosing or have to reward (or confront)one child that cheats.

58. I don't like excluding people.

59. I am a bit OCD and it drives my hubby bonkers!

60. If clean laundry hit the floor (even a just washed floor) I put the clothes back in the hamper to wash again (good thing I enjoy doing laundry).

61. I make lots of lists of things to do each day.

62. I don't often get my long list done by the end of the day.

63. I feel if I want something done a particular way I need to do it myself and not get mad at others.

64. My daughter saying "WHAT" 100,000,000 times a day to everything I say drives me nuts! BUT still makes me laugh a little.

65. Last month hearing the word "WHY" all day long drove me bonkers!

66. I now wish I could go back to hearing "why" all day long!

67. I think my 7 year old is smarter than I am.

68. I think my 7 year old can do 100 math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) faster than I can (I hope he never finds that out).

69. My daughter and I are a lot alike we are both dreamers and love playing pretend.

70. I don't get upset often but if someone lies to me, says something to hurt someone, or tries to be real nasty I EXPLODE!

71. I always thought being a parent would be harder than it is.

72. When I was younger I never thought I would like being a mom.

73. Now that I am older I would love to have a house full of children (10 or so).

74. I am too old to have 10 children.

75. I love hearing about other peoples best childhood memories.

76. I love trying to give my children all the wonderful memories everyone else has had and told me about.

77. I often think it is my job to try and make everyone in the world happy.

78. I cry when I see I can't make some people happy.

79. My motto is why do people who expect the most from people do the least themselves.

80. I rarely expect anything from anyone (even my children). That way when they do something for me I can be all excited and happy (I get to be happy a lot).

81. I am allergic to milk.

82. If I am having a bad day I often try to pretend it is going well (I tell my hubby I am in my happy place in my mind).... yes he thinks I am nuts but this method often gets everyone in my home even the children happy and kind again.

83. I LOVE masking tape, hot glue, paints, and other craft supplies.

84. I have fond memories of the craft box my mom had for us when I was young.

85. My favorite thing in my mom's craft box was a roll of foil.

86. I give my children a roll of foil to create with so they can think I am a good mom with the best craft box.

87. My husband and I are complete opposites.

88. My son and I are opposites.

89. I think my son often thinks and acts like my Dad.

90. My dad is an engineer.

91. I am trying to show my son different things engineers do so he can see a lot of the stuff he does for fun he could do for a living someday if he wanted.

92. I am nothing like an engineer!

93. I don't follow instructions often (making engineering impossible for me).

94. I am OK with being wrong. I don't feel the need to be right.

95. UNLESS it involves something that can affect my children's life. then I will stand up and debate to show how my view could be right. I only do this with my hubby for the most part. I find debating exhausting and no fun so I don't do it often.

96. I don't understand WHY people get so hung up on grade levels and academic achievements. I often wonder why use that method to judge another person? If my children couldn't learn to read or write I would love them just as much as I do now and I think the type of person you are can matter a lot more in this world than how you score on test papers. I don't feel my son is better than any other child because he is a little ahead with school work. I think by graduation most children are given a chance to all learn the same stuff. (this is just my view on life and remember I am not a very smart person).

97. I am very thrifty.

98. I drive my hubby nuts with how thrifty I am.

99. All summer long when my husband turns the AC to 65 and on high in our house. I turn it up to 70 and low when he leaves the room and isn't looking (just so we can save money).

100. I now read more children's books than adult books.

101. I am maybe the least exciting person in the world.

I hope I didn't put everyone to sleep!


Fun Mommy of 2 said...

Oh Amber reading about you made me get teary; then I smiled, then I laughed. You are such a great person Amber. Yes people that expect the most, do the least. Very true. I REALLLY enjoyed reading about you. In fact a while ago there was a picture of you on your blog ( I think it was you unless it was some other woman) on some sort of structure. I got very teary eyeed. I do not know why. You are a great person Amber. You do so much for your kids. I hope you have this baby soon. Oh the reason I got teary is because I read you are having a girl. I did not know you are having a girl. So precious.

Amber said...

I am so happy to hear I didn't put you to sleep! My hubby often makes a list of things "we" should do and the list sometimes is so long it makes my head spin. When I ask him why is it that people who do the least expect the most he takes a step back and sees that he has given me a ton of work. I don't think he likes my saying but it does often help him "see" what he is giving me to do. Yes I do have a picture or two of me on this blog. I think Rob took a picture of me on a Lion at Penn State with the children a couple months ago. I don't have many pictures of me. Rob never thinks to use the camera. I could try to get Travis to take a picture of me. I have tried that a few times before and he doesn't often get me in the picture. I end up missing body parts like my head and such! LOL!

I couldn't sleep at all last night but reading your message has made me feel wonderful and forget how tired I am this morning. Thank you for all your kindness! I also think you are a great person! I wasn't planing on telling people we are having a girl but 101 things is a lot of things to come up with. LOL!

Daphne said...

Oh my gosh you are so not boring! I loved reading your list (I'm totally not even trying to be "nice" because you are very pregnant).You have a lot of qualities I wish I had (usually at least once a day). I was scared of giving birth to Brenna too, people say it is "less scary" after the first because you "know what to expect"... um last I checked children are all different... and 2 labors are rarely (can't say "never") the same. Oh and I too throw laundry that touches the floor for even a second back into the wash... but yes... I loved your list. It made me smile - I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby girl when she gets here. :)

Amber said...

Thanks Daphne. I can't wait to share a picture of my baby! I am not ready to have the baby but I am very ready to hold her and be her mom!