Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Marble Run.

T. insisted I post good pictures of the marble run so to make him happy I am doing this. LOL!

They are all pictures from yesterday. This is a picture of the entire thing. Not everyone decorates a kitchen with 1/2 a roll of masking tape. LOL!

This is T. standing at the start putting a marble in.
This is the spot the run changes direction.

A close up of the "open" part of the run. This spot needs to be fixed a lot. The paper doesn't hold up well to all the marbles. I think it is a good learning spot for T. He has to think to get it working when the paper bends.

The clear funnel. This is D.'s favorite spot. At first she would grab the marbles out when they got this far. LOL! T. would get MAD when she did that.

This is T. pointing to the second funnel.
This is the plastic tubes I made for him. I did NOT add them or put all that tape on the wall. LOL!

This is the end! LOL!

If this works it will be a video clip of my very active children playing with the marble run. They are loud and very active. Our school days look a lot like a lot like this play time! Sorry I didn't post anything from our day today. My hubby is waiting for the computer and I have to get the children to bed. I have to do school with my children tomorrow morning, I have an afternoon Dr. appointment, then Travis has soccer tomorrow night so I will not be around until Friday. I hope to catch up then.


Heather said...

Tell T. that looks wonderful he did a really good job.

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

wow, that must have been so much fun. I loved the video. It's really neat to hear you guy's voices.

Kate in NJ said...

Very cool T!

Amber said...

Thanks Heather. I love seeing the things he comes up with. It is so much more fun now that he can do stuff like this all by himself AND that he lets his little sis. play also. Life is getting a little easier for me! I know that will all change in a few weeks when the baby comes.

Yasmina, I try to get little clips of my family being "real" but most of the time my children ham it up when they see the camera and then don't act natural. They didn't know I was recording them. I was sitting on the floor behind them. I will have to remember this method the next time I want a video clip of them.

Thanks Kate! T. keeps changing it every day (it now has 3 different ways to go down). I hope he gets tired of it soon so D. can have a chance to build one with me. Hmmm... I think T. will take down the run if I let him build a big one up in his bedroom... I think I will ask him about that today.