Friday, August 24, 2007

See-saws, frog catching, water play, and other adventures.

We had a lazy day today. T. finished all his school work very early. We had LOTS of time to play and have fun.
First we had some fun frog hunting. Below is the frog T. caught.D. LOVED touching the frog!
T. held and watched this frog for an hour or so.T. put fresh water in the pool..... Ummm.... that is what he called it. I thought it looked like he was playing with the hose! He insist he was just filling the pool!T. played lots of soccer in the yard. I asked him to take off and put away his soccer stuff. I was dumping new sand in the sandboxes and when I turned around this is what I found!
So they went off to play some more soccer.This picture makes me laugh! I think you can see by her face she is done playing soccer.Then they wanted to play in the sandboxes. T. played with his sister in the smaller box before going to play in the larger sandbox.
T. said this is a new civilization he just built (his Dad has been playing a civilization game on the computer the last few weeks). His men are building homes (or checking homes I don't remember) and checking out the area to gain knowledge. LOL! It is not the war game it looks like (at least not today). D. being cute.Snack time on the porch.The sun was setting before we ever got around to making a see-saw. This is our see-saw (it is OK to laugh).Children on the see-saw T. built.
D. didn't want to keep going that high. She got nervous after 5 minutes of up and down (I think T started bouncing a bit fast for her). T. found a way to make a lower one that she wouldn't be afraid on. The picture below is T. looking for a good fulcrum (log).A picture of both children on the small see-saw. I could step away to get them both in the picture. I didn't have to worry that D. would fall off this one. I think she might be laying down on it! LOL!
Pictures of T. walking the see-saw. The see-saw fun never ends! Two pictures of D. having fun on the see-saw. She says UP! DOWN! over and over (so cute).

T. put the board back on the large log so I could use it with him. In the picture below I am on the see-saw with T. If you take a close look way out in the yard you can see D. bending down to pick up something (she is way back in the yard it shows around T.'s knee). I had no idea what she was doing . I thought she was on her way to jump in the orange pool.T. is having fun because Mommy is so much heavier than little sister. He gets to go WAY up in the air with me on the see-saw! Below his knee in the background is D. with a board she found in the yard. I was watching her but I still had no idea what she was doing. I noticed she had a board. I thought it was a very big board for a little girl. I think this board was in the yard holding down the slip n slide (it has been very windy this week). The picture below is D.'s new see-saw! I am very proud of her!!! I had NO IDEA she was doing this!!!! She said "right here" as she put the board on the small log. She then climbed on it and said "UP, DOWN!" LOL! I wanted T. to learn how to build a see-saw and D. to have fun. I never thought to teach her about the building part. She learned right along with us and I never even noticed! My little girl seems to know as much about how levers work as her big brother! I think Daddy might need to let her help with the real see-saw he is building. I don't know if he will believe this story until he sees it for himself. I think he will have lots of chances to see her build a see-saw. I think she will be making see-saws with every board she can find for the next week or so. LOL!


Daphne said...

Those are some awesome pictures. You're children are absolutely precious, and it is really awesome that T is so sweet to D. Not many big brothers would want to be so nice to their little sisters :) I'm glad you guys had such a fun day.

Heather said...

It Looks like you guys had an amazing day. What fun. You such sweet kids.

Amber said...

Thanks Daphne! I have always been so surprised how nice T. is to D. He is a very kind boy! D. on the other hand is a bit of a fighter. I hope she outgrows it! LOL!

Amber said...

Heather, we did have a amazing day. Any day we get all school done before 11 am is amazing at my house! LOL! I don't think this will happen often this school year. Once the baby comes I think school might start running very late!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I love Fridays especially when they are spent outside. That must have been so fun for them to just do see saw with mommy. Amber, D is so precious. She is too cute.

Amber said...

Thanks Yasmina! I have to say we only have 1 neighbor who can see our yard and they had LOTS of company yesterday. I think they might have had more fun than my children watching very prego me riding a board on an old log in the yard with my children! I was afraid with how large I am and how small that board it that the board was going to break!

Fun Mommy of 2 said...

They would think, "That could not be a prego woman on the seesaw." LOL Nothing stops us. I remember towards the end I just could not wait to be back to my "normal body" again.