Sunday, August 26, 2007

See-saw and wood sculpture

T. and Daddy worked together on the see-saw the real one not the tree log one.
This is T. learning to use the drill (with his dad's help).Look at my BIG BOY! He is growing up so fast!

Look at my Big GIRL! When she spotted the hammer she picked it up and said "LOOK MOMMY!" I asked her what she had and she said "This hammer, I hammer look at me hammer." She did! she hit the nails on the head 10 or 20 times! She is always watching everything we do. If we don't include her she will wait until we are not looking then she will try it herself!

T. using a screwdriver. I am surprised at how well he can use a screwdriver and a hammer now!

T. trying out the see-saw.

Later in the day.....

T. asked me if he could build with the scrap wood we had left. I said yes and left him on the porch with some wood, nails, hammer, screwdriver, and screws.

5 minutes later I look out and find this!WOW! That is a BIG PINE board!!! I was wondering how he could think that was a scrap. LOL! I thought he was ONLY using the small scraps of outdoor lumber we had on the porch. T. pointed out how he NEEDED the large board. How else could he build the big bridge he needed with just the little scraps of wood. He then explained how the scraps are all needed to hold up the bridge. I could then "see" what he was doing and I was proud that he had put so much thought in doing this. I could see how this project was putting his mind and fine motor skills to good work (and keeping him busy on a Sunday afternoon) so I let him go.

His project got larger,
and larger,
What is it????
LOL! We are not sure what it is. He isn't finished yet. I have to stay away from this project. Every time I went out to check on him he would tell me what he was doing and then sucker me into digging him out more wood! I think he has plenty of wood so I am going to step back and see how it all turns out.

We have let him use a hammer and screwdriver on and off from the age of 2 but he always had a hard time with it. I am so happy to see that he now can put a screw all the way into 2 boards all by himself! I guess his hands are a lot stronger now!
Look! Even the nails he gets all the way in!

I will have to let you all know what this becomes. Right now Rob and I are calling it the huge wood sculpture. LOL! I don't think T. has much more wood laying around to use. I hope he shows us what this thing is soon. I think I will have to keep you all updated on this.

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Fun Mommy of 2 said...

I would lik to see the finished project. It was probably so much fun just being out there hammering away. LOL